Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh,Christmas Tree

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo, and I do have to say that even though I didn't quite make it, I'm still very happy that I did as well as I did. It got me more interested in blogging, which really was the point of it after all:0)
I wanted to show off some pics of the other things we were working on during the Thanksgiving break, while I was not feeling well. First off, we put up the tree. Last year our old tree was falling apart, and while we have been saying that we need a new tree for the past few years, we just didn't do it. But last year, the tree really was done, so we went out and bought a new one after the Christmas season (and got a good price on it too). This one is pre-lit which is really nice, and only 3 pieces too, which I like:)

Over the years my hubby and I have hand made almost all the ornaments on our tree. Our dd has started adding to our tree here lately too. There are several rows of beaded garland, and over a few years, I hand painted each bead and strung them. Here are a couple of stitchy ornaments that I have made...
And these wooden ones are some that hubby has made. A few of the ornaments we have on the tree were made by my brother-in-law or were from a stitchy exchange or two:)

And here is the finished bookshelves that our daughter helped to make. They are very simple as hubby and dd wanted to get them up fast, but they do the trick. This is only a fraction of dd's books, but these had been on her floor and stuffed beside her bed, so this gives her some much needed floor space!!! :)

I've been web-surfing today, looking for some SALs and Stitchy Challenges for the 2013 year. Found one that is really interesting at 'To Stitch or Not to Stitch', but I'm not sure if I have time for it or not. Will have to give it some thought:) Will post soon on whatever I decide to do soon!!

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Rita said...

Your tree and ornaments are beautiful!

I love the shelving you made for your DD. Great use of "found space"!