Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I fell off the wagon!!

Well, that didn't take long at all. Just as soon as the blogging challenge was over I stopped posting. Didn't mean for that to happen:(

What have I been doing since I stopped posting?

Well, I've spent many hours on line looking for challenges and sals to participate in for next year. I think it was easier to find these last year. Actually I'm having a hard time finding things I want to do. I know I'll stay with TUSAL and WIPocalypse, but not sure on anything else. If you know of any good ones (even reading challenges), please let me know.

I have been working on a few stitchy projects. I am trying to finish the autumn portion of Saltbox Scriptures from LHN and am also working on 'Crowning the Tree' from BBD. I would like to get both of those done by Christmas. But I also lied:( I did go ahead and start the next block for LoveQuilts. It took all of one day before I was ready to get back at stitching for the kids:) This time I am doing 'Fishing' from Bobbie G. Designs for a little boy who just wanted a 'blue' quilt. Actually I got so excited to start some more kids' blocks that I signed up for two other blocks. Thankfully none of them are due until April/May/June.

I have also been trying to finish up my daughter's crocheted blanket. I have about 8 more blocks to crochet (I'm doing 1-2 a day as I have to do it when she's asleep), then I have to join the 4 panels together. I've never done that part before and am a bit nervous about how it will turn out.

And finally, I have been trying to organize group activities for the 4-H group and my daughter's secret sister group. Nothing like waiting until last min to get all the details together:) But I think everything is about ready now!!

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