Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekly Crafting Post#????

I had been doing really good with my weekly crafting projects, so where did they go? Well, as I am getting closer and closer to a dead-line for a LOVE QUILT  cross-stitched block to be done, I've given up on just about all other activities to make sure it gets finished up. I have 3 weeks left before I need to mail it out and I'm not nearly close enough to being done. So I thought I'd take a pic of some of the crafty projects that I had hoped to finish before the New Year. I'm still hoping to have a bit of time in Dec to finish a couple of these, but we will have to see:)
In the upper left-hand corner there is some crocheting in spring colors. This is one of what needs to be 4 panels (I have just started the 4th panel), of what will be a blanket for my daughter. I started this last winter hoping to get it done for her April birthday:) HAHAHAHA!!!  Okay, really, I do still hope to get this one done for Christmas.

To the right of that I have a few rows of a quilt that I was doing for myself. Not getting anywhere too fast on this one either. I really would rather do just about any other craft than sewing, but we really could use a few extra blankets around here. No set time frame on this one.

In the upper-right hand corner you can see some brown/cream/green crocheting. Again this was to be a blanket for myself/my family. Gee, I can't even remember when I started this one:) I have ripped it out several times as I started this one when I was just learning to crochet and I was unhappy with the first few blocks I did.

Just down from the brown/cream/green 'blanket' is a red crochet bag I was trying my hand at. This is even older than the blanket. I got both the front and back panels done on it and then gave up as I couldn't figure out how I wanted to attach them. I should look closer at this now that I have a tiny bit more experience with crocheting.

Along the bottom I have many cross stitch projects that are all stitched up and in need of some finishing. I counted 9 projects. Some are for ornaments and some are a bit bigger. Really need to work on these too:)

And finally, if you look really close on what will be my daughters blanket you will see the beginnings of a stuffed bird I was working on. I think I originally made 2 or 3 (though I didn't finish any of them), but I think our cat got to a couple of them:) He thought they were great even if they weren't all sewn together!!

Like I said, I still REALLY want to get my dd's blanket done, and hopefully a couple of the ornies as well before Christmas. And we could use a blanket or two for the winter. We will see what I can get done, but first I MUST finish the race car block I am stitching!! :)

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