Friday, March 25, 2011

Update and some finishes

Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here. I was doing so good too:) We've been super busy getting ready for spring and the addition of young'ins around here and that has taken up some of my computer time, that and I've been busy stitching!! In the next few week I should have some pics to post on the young'ins coming, but for now I will post on the stitching that has gotten done. This first one I actually finished stitching it in Dec 2010, but I never posted about it because I wanted to finish it into this very cute bunny first. I didn't get around to sewing up the bunny until now though. The ears gave me some trouble and I'm still not real happy with them and I think the ribbon needs to be aged a little as it seems too bright for this bunny, but all in all I really like him:) This is my first spring finish for this year and I hope to do several more. This one was the last of my Valentine's stitching I did for this year. I'm not usually into Valentine's, but thought the house could us a little color and trying to get away from the winter themes in hope of warmer weather:) This one was a freebie from The Stitcherhood, I stitched this on 35ct WDW Chestnut and I stitched with one thread over two. It took me about 3hours 45 min. And finally (and thankfully this one is at least part of my Crazy Challenge!!), I finished stitching the ABC Pinkeep Bird also designed by With thy Needle and Thread. I didn't finish this one off the way the instructions said to because I didn't have an old oil can, but I like it as an ornie better anyway. I stitched this over one on 28ct something:) Not sure now what the fabric was other than the count. This one took me 5 hours and 15 min. Well, I hope in the next few days to have an update on my 'Sarah Tobias' project and also the Nora Corbett Fairy, they are really coming along. And maybe by next week I'll have some new babies to show off as well!! I'm pretty excited about that:)