Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful Sunday

This has been going around on Facebook lately. I'm thinking it is a goal of posting something you are thankful for each day up until Thanksgiving. I didn't get started quite as soon as everyone else did, but I thought I'd start putting up a post each Sunday of the things I am/was thankful for during the previous week.

Nov 1 - For my LORD, my family and friends and for my country and the freedom we have (in that order:).

Nov 2 - For the beautiful Autumn that we have had so far. It's been far too dry where we are, but still very nice weather.

Nov 3 - For the animal friends that we have. They are a lot of work and sometimes are a pain, but I just love that we always have something to suggle up with!! :)

Nov 4 - For my daughter's friends. She has met some really great kids through church activities, 4-H group and her homeschool group.

More to come next Sunday :)

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