Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finally - A Finish!!

 You've seen the 'Girl in Blue with Flowers and Butterflies' before - okay, I'm made up the name, not sure what it was originally named. :)  It was one I did for the Flower Blog hop. The second one I changed the colors on a bit as the girl had on a red dress, but I wanted her to match so I made it blue. I think these are very sweet!! Still need to make a needle case out of them, but I'm glad the stitching is done!!

And I finally found where one of the patterns for these are!! I found a finished pic of the other too, but can't find the pattern for it. Not a surprise as Frimousse has over 600 freebies on her site. And it's in French, so umm, yea - I can't read it. My internet connection speed (and the connection itself) is hugely flaky, so using the translator doesn't work well either. I looked for it for hours, but no luck. I'm sure it's there though, so if you really want the pattern you can look around for it:) Here is a link to the girl in the veggie garden. And HERE is a link to the picture of the girl with the butterflies.

I may have another finish in a few days!!! Actually it's not all my stitching, but my part of it should be done:) It's the last section of a round robin I've been part of this year. So hopefully I'll have that to show off in a few days. I'm also waiting on a pattern to come in the mail for a couple blocks I will be doing for Love Quilts. It's been a while since I have stitched for them and I'm pretty excited to get back to it!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Christmas Mystery Sampler - Part 2

I decided to do option 2 on this. So far, other than placement I haven't seen any differences. I think Paulette said there would be a bit more stitching on option 2, so maybe next week:)

I am really enjoying this mystery sampler. Just enough stitching that it is exciting to see then next part, but not so much that you have to work super hard to get it done in time:) Hoping that I can keep up in the weeks ahead!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Christmas Mystery Sampler - Part 1 DONE:)

I am super excited about the Christmas Mystery Sampler that Paulette from Plum Street Sampler is hosting/designing/giving away:) I decided to do Sampler II and below is Part 1 done!! I am doing it 2 threads over 2 on 36 ct Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linen. I made one small change already:) I thought Joseph's robe looked too much like a dress, so I made it not so full and shortened it just a bit. I can't wait until next Sunday to see what Part 2 will be!!!

My dd's first day to volunteer at our small local zoo was today. She was super excited and just a bit nervous this morning. I can always tell when she's really looking forward to doing something when she gets out of bed without having to be told 500 times. This morning only took one time of my going in and telling her it was time to get up:) She got to go to a pre-school and help with a 'meet-an-animal' program and then back to the zoo for a 'behind the scenes tour' and to clean out the deer pen. She said one of the deer was super friendly and kept licking her!!

While she was busy, I had a couple hours to myself, though I had to stay in town because the drive is a bit long to go back and forth. I spent most of my free time at the library working on lesson plans for next week. But I went to the grocery store for a few things as well and found these pretty flowers on sale. $1.99 for this very pretty bouquet:) I hardly ever buy flowers since I usually kill them within a few days, but for that price, I figured it'd be okay.

I actually tried to hand them to hubby and told him I bought him flowers, but he didn't think that was as funny as I did. :)