Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daybook Entry 11-10-12

Been a busy day with lots of running in town and a youth group meeting tonight, so I'm going to do a daybook entry today:)

Outside my window - Well it has been super windy here. Okay, it's windy here a lot, but man it's been bad for the last couple of days. Warm though, so that has been nice. Cool front just hit us with some rain and even harder winds. We still have power, but there is a power line partly down just down the road from us, and it took a bit for us to find the dumpster lid!! :)

I'm thinking - That I'm really not ready for the cool weather that is coming. Down to 19 degrees tomorrow night!!! Brrr!! I really hate the hot weather and I really hate the cold weather, so I'm not happy with the weather much:) LOL We have had a really nice autumn so far, and I'm hoping it warms up a little after this cold spell. It was nice to get a bit of rain though!!

In the kitchen - I've been spending a bit more time in the kitchen as my hubby has been working on other projects around the house. He and our daughter have been looking at doing another dessert though, so I'm hoping I'll have something yummy to post soon!! I *think* it'll be baked apples:)

Creativity this week - The only thing I've had time for has been that race car project. I have SOOOO many ideas of crafts I want to be working on though!!! Hoping that I'll be able to work some of those in right after I get this stitching done!! :)

Animal Happenings - I usually do a 'In the barn' entry, but right now there is absolutly nothing in the barn (except some mice). The only animals we have outside right now are cats, and they only had one set of litters this summer, so not even as many as we usually have. Kind of boring out there!!! But we do have lots of critters in the house. We have fish (and LOTS of snails!), dogs, a part-time cat, a guinea pig and now a rabbit. The house feels even smaller than it is, which is saying a lot seeing how the house is only 700 sq ft. LOL But we love having them and it does give dd something to do (like clean cages and argue with the dogs;).

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