Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful Sunday

Another week of thankfulness...

Monday - For a Hubby who goes to a job he'd rather not, so that dd and I can stay home.

Tuesday - For a Hubby who still likes to come home and cook:)

Wednesday - To live far enough in the country to not have ANY traffic or close neighbors, but to live close enough to town (within 30 min) to still have activities for our daughter to be a part of.

Thursday - For a break from a few of those activities for the time being:)

Friday - For a small house. Even though it gets tight and you are nearly on top of each other at all times, it does help to keep the family close and not all off on our own.

Saturday - For the little time I get to myself as I go grocery shopping on Saturday morning. I love being with my family, but it's nice to get away for a short bit too.

Sunday - For the chance to have our daughter's friend over and to get to hear them giggle and goof around. Reminds me that I need to loosen up and have fun with our daughter more too:)

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