Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Sunday

Here is my thankful post from this past week -

Monday - Thankful for having a quiet, slow week ahead of me.

Tuesday - Thankful to live in a country where my voice is heard.

Wednesday - Really thankful that this was a slow week as dd is sick and we don't have to worry about needing to be anywhere.

Thursday - Thankful for the meds that help my dd breathe better.

Friday - Thankful for the furry babies in the house that gives dd lots of critters to play with.

Saturday - Thankful for the great friends that our daughter has made through her youth group. They had lots of fun tonight!!

Sunday - Thankful for the rain last night. Lots of wind and some hail, that even took down a power line, but all is well, and we really needed the moisture.

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