Saturday, November 3, 2012

A new family member

Yesterday I wrote about us going to look at a rabbit for a possible new 4-H project. We didn't know if we would get one yet or not, and dd wasn't even sure if she wanted the responsibility of another animal. After meeting this little guy and giving it some more thought, we did end up bringing him home.
 'Fargo' is a male Holland Lop and is almost 6 months old. The breeder we got him from has already started showing him and has handled him a lot, so he is very friendly.
He came home and settled right in. Now we just need to slowly introduce him to the rest of the
in-door crew. He didn't do too well when introducing him to the cat:) But we'll keep up with it a little at a time and hopefully they can all be friends before long. (NOTE: we are not allowing the animals to be together outside of the cage. I'm pretty sure that would be a bad idea:).

Well, I just barely made my post in today. It's 11:10 pm, so I have officially posted 3 days in a row!!! Just 27 more days to go:)

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