Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Daily Bread (take 2)

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my attempt to make bread and the mess that resulted from that:) Today I bought new yeast and gave it another go and had much better success!!
Yes, this is wheat bread (whole white wheat to be specific), and no I can't have any of it, even though it smells so good in the house. I used to make a bread fairly often before I decided to go gluten free. My family (and I) really preferred the homemade bread to store bought, even my daughter would choose my homemade wheat bread over white. And about a month before my change over to gf I bought a Bosch mixer with the intent of making all of our bread/bread products.
I had been hurting for several months in all my small joints (feet, toes, fingers, wrists, etc) and kind of achy all over when I went to the Dr to find out why. I thought maybe I had some kind of infection or something going on. When the blood samples came back she asked if we had RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) in the family line, and we did - my mom's father developed it in his mid 40's.
So off to the Rheumatologist I went for him to tell me that I had the beginnings (mild) of RA and wanted to start me on meds. I wanted to do some research and wasn't sure at the time if I wanted to start the meds. In doing my research, some places suggested going gf to see if it improved symptoms. I knew I was allergic to wheat since I was a child, but since it didn't seem to affect me I still at normally up to this point.
Well, now I can say that for me, going gf really has helped a lot. I don't very often need to take any pain meds (Advil) like I had been doing before, and while I can still feel some pain and swelling here and there, most of it has gone away.
I'm at a point now though, that I'd like to start making my family their bread again. At the point where seeing and smelling homemade bread doesn't make me want to grab a loaf and hide in the back room eating the whole thing:) I know how I'll feel in a few days now, so that helps!!!
 So it was pretty disappointing when I went to make bread for the first time in a while and it turned out like the front loaf here!!! I knew even after the first rising that things weren't right, but I went ahead and tried to bake it. Nope, not right!!! The back loaf was from my attempt today, much better!!!

And here are the rest of them from today. Hubby says they tasted good too:) I didn't use any fancy recipe, just a basic whole wheat bread recipe. Hopefully I'll keep up with making this week after week and be better about it than I am the peanut butter!!! :)

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