Monday, March 29, 2010

Daybook Entry for 3-29-10

Time for another 'Daybook Entry' :) This does seem to help me post more. I never have anything big to share on here so this lets me share little things all at once.

Outside my window... It is beautiful today!!! Even this morning during animal chores, I only needed a sweater. I LOVE SPRING!!!!

I'm thinking... About Passover today. Tonight starts the beginning of Passover and we are doing a Passover dinner and going to read the symbolism of the first Passover vs. what Jesus did for us on the cross. Really excited about this:) This will be the first time we do Passover (it is part of dd's school curriculum with the study of Old Testament times) but after reading a lot on it, I'm hoping it can become a new tradition for us.

I am thankful for... Jesus. I don't usually talk about my faith much, but I need to. In not doing so I'm showing my family, friends and others that I don't really value it much. This needs to be what is on my tongue most all the time, not just when it comes up. I truly want to put Christ first in my life.

In my kitchen... Going to be doing some cooking and cleaning today. In the Bible, leaven is used to sybolize sin and for Passover the Jewish people clean out their homes of all leaven (yeast, baking powder and soda). While we (as Christians) believe that Jesus now cleans us of our sin, I thought we'd use this as a 'hands on' way to show getting rid of our sins. It'll be a good excuse to buy fresh 'leaven' in about a week and to get my cabnets clean:)

Creativity this week included... Mostly crochet. I finished my mom's scarf (just in time for spring!!! LOL) I forgot to get a pic of it done though. I also made another scarf in the same pattern, but different yarn and am working on another in a different pattern and yarn. Should be able to get this last one done tomorrow and I'll take pics soon:)

My reading indulgences... Still about Passover mostly. I really don't read a whole lot for myself, mostly because we read so much for dd's schooling. We almost always have a book on tape going in the car (this helps when most car rides are at least 20-30 mins long). We are finishing up 'Rainbow Garden' by Patricia St. John - all of her children's books in this series are wonderful:). We are also reading on the ancient Greeks, mythology and their gods/godesses. And we have daily Bible reading as well. I think dd is actually in the middle of reading two different books for herself as well:)

Around the house... Vast difference from the last post;) It is a mess and I have a lot to do today to get ready for tonight's dinner. I need to at least find the dining table, LOL!!! Probably will need to clean the kitchen some so I can make the dinner;) Okay, so time to get off of here, I guess :)

Hopefully I'll have some pics (if I remember) of tonight's Passover dinner and some of the scarves, and maybe it's time to do an update on all the animals out here as we have some that have grown and some that are new:)

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some pics (and a SNAKE!!!)

Well, I am finally getting to posting some pics (and at the end is an explanation of WHY I am actually getting to this). This is what I've been up to the last couple of weeks...

This one is of my limited embordery scissor collection. I've had more scissors than these, but I loose them pretty quickly:) And look Marianne...I've still got the ones you gave me for Christmas!!! LOL Actually I keep pretty good track of those being that they are my favorite:) Notice that they are all 'wearing' their 'fobs'. I have NO idea why they are called scissor fobs, but I guess that is what the pretty beading is called:) The top one on the right side (the green and blue one) was made by Monique of 'My Mark Designs' and I won it through a give-away she had on Facebook. It is really, very pretty and goes with my 'Rose Tudor' scissors perfectly. The rest, I made and I love working with the pretty beads to make up things to match my scissors. The one on the bottom left hand side actually goes on the zipper of my purse. It doesn't have scissors that it belongs to (YET anyway;). This one is a project that I started at the beginning of the year. A 'new year' project:) I'm about half way on it and it is another part of the 'Saltbox Scripture' series from Little House Needleworks. This one is "Blessed are the Merciful".
Here is a pic of a scarf I've been working on forever!!! I made my mom a blue scarf for Christmas and she really liked it. Said it was the first scarf she's had that didn't cause static, so she wanted another, but pink this time. Well, since I'm still learning how to crochet (I just used double crochet stitch in the first one) I thought I'd try something different. I've tried a couple different ways and I pulled them all out. They were okay, but just not what I wanted. So I'm now doing one row with double crochet and the next with triple crochet. It is finally working for me!!! :)
Here is the surprize I found this morning!!! My early morning routine is to get up with dh a little after 4:00 to make his breakfast/lunch and see him off. Then I stitch/crochet for a short while and then go back to bed. When I got to my room, this guy/gal was climbing out of a (rather large) hole in our wall. I didn't think to get a pic then (as I was freaking out!!!). But after he/she crawled back through the wall (hissing at me the whole time) and I called my dh and started looking in the basement to see if it went there, I did manage to calm down enough to get a picture. Our basement is one of those that you don't like to spend much time in and we've had to pull out most of the sheetrock because of mold, so that's why it is such a mess. Aparently that is exactly what this guy/gal likes!!! Well, I couldn't just leave it there, so I grabbed a couple broom handles (that my dd likes to play with - no broom, just the long handles;), and pulled it down into a trash can and put a box on it. I knew that wouldn't hold him though, so I put it into a cooler....
Do you think this will hold him? LOL :) I know they are pretty strong though, so I keep going down and checking to make sure it is still in there (I did unplug the drain hole in the cooler so it would have air). I have looked on-line and I think it is either a Kansas Glossy or a Western Rat Snake. Couldn't tell the difference between the two and wasn't going to open up the cooler to get a closer look. I know it isn't poisonous. It was trying to mimic a rattler, but I got a good look at its tail and there isn't anything there:)
Well, you now know why I couldn't go back to sleep (and why I may NEVER be able to go back to sleep!!!) and so I was up to put a new post on here!!! :)
It's already 8:00am here now anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter anymore that I couldn't go back to bed;0) I hope everyone is having a great day. Time to get something done for the day!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Daybook Entry for 3-19-10

Okay, I'm going to try something new for me in an effort to actually end up posting once in a while:) I stole this off of someone's else's blog and she called it 'Daybook Entry'. Not sure what I'll call it yet, but an update is an update, right? :)

Outside my window...It is cloudy and cold again. In for a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, hopefully that will be it for the year!!!

I'm thinking...That I need to get off the computer and actually get something done today.

I am thankful for... The weather the last couple of days. It was beautiful yesterday!!!

In my kitchen...Not as messy as usual;) I do need to finish up the dishes and maybe try (again) to make some gf bread. I've not had much luck with that yet.

Creativity this week included...Cross stitching, as usual, and some crocheting. Working on an exchange for a stitching group on the cross-stitch and working on a blanket for us with the crocheting. Pics to come.

I am our LNS tomorrow!!! At least I will be if the weather holds out.

My reading indulgences...Mostly reading on Passover right now as that is coming up soon. Also started reading another Amish fiction series.

Around the house...Not too bad. Spent most of yesterday cleaning. Need to finish up a few things, but it is realitively clean. The house is never clutter free though as it is so small and not enough room for what we have, but it is what we have:)

Well, enough for now. I'm hoping to do one of these once a week and may have a picture post once a week as well to help with keeping up:) We will see.