Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just in time for Thanksgiving:)

I hope all is well where ever you are. We are getting geared up for Thanksgiving and getting the house ready for the Christmas decor. I think we are going to move things around quite a bit this year so that the tree and/or the dining table doesn't end up in the middle of the living room this year!!! (No, we don't have a dining room, and the table was more important to me than a couch, so it's in the living room:).

However, and I do believe this happens every year, the sickies are going around our house. Thankfully our daughter is over it for now. She has asthma and any kind of cold or allergies goes straight to her lungs, so I am thankful that she was able to get through hers. My dh and I had been fighting it off and on for a while now, but my body finally gave in and now I have the upper respiratory stuff!!

So I've been doing little to nothing today. Lots of playing on the computer, drinking tea, and a bit of napping. Oh, and HAED is having a 25% off sale, so I've been looking there a lot as well. I really need to NOT buy anything though!!! :)

Actually I'm going to start a 'Stash Diet' in 2013. I found this at Joy's site , The Busy Stitcher , earlier today and she is going to be our fearless leader!!! I decided that I would 'pay' myself $3.00 per project that I finish to go towards new charts, fabric and such, but that I can't buy anything new until I 'earn' the money for it. As I usually get a gift card for our LNS (local needlework shop - for all you non-stitchers:), at Christmas, I am not going to officially start until 2013. Plus our LNS has a sale right after Christmas and I can't let that go to waste!! Goodness knows I have enough WIPs and UFOs to keep me busy for a long time before I actually NEED to buy anything new:)

I have several more ideas for goals in 2013, none of which will include a January 2013 Crazy Challenge!!! Nope, NOT going to do it!! :) Besides, I don't have enough stash (or money) to start 15 more new projects all at once. I'm pretty sure I will keep doing the WIPocalypse. I want to see about maybe doing a new start at the beginning of each month (though I'll have to 'earn' the money to buy anything new:), and maybe join a Christmas Ornie challenge of some sort. Does anyone know of a good one?

I also am thinking of making a few small changes on my blog, including a separate 'page' or 'tab' (whatever it is called) on the top to post finished projects for the year and maybe a wish list too that I am working towards with my 'Diet'.

Hmm, lots to think about, but for now, I think I need another nap!! :)

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