Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daybook Entry 11-17-12

Coming up short on things to post here lately. I went to the NaBloPoMo website where they have daily writing prompts, but they don't have them for the weekends, so that was no help:)

So I'm going to do a Daybook Entry today. Hoping I'll have some inspiration here soon for other things to post in the future!!!

Outside My Window - It officially looks like winter out there (without the snow!!). In town the trees are still colorful and pretty, but we mostly have elm trees and they are bare at this point. And with the very dry weather we've had for the past 2 years or so, most of everything else is dry and brown. The only color out here right now is the new wheat coming up. But it is still pretty in town, so that will have to do:) At least it hasn't gotten super cold yet!!!

I'm Thinking - I'm not sure if I'm super excited for the holidays this year or if I'm super dreading it. I keep changing my mind!! One minute I'm all excited and making plans and the next I'm thinking "How will I ever be ready?!?!?" Hoping to get a bit of time this week to really think through what I'd like to see happen for this year and make plans to get it done.

In The Kitchen - I am excited to try a few new recipes this year. I found a website for a new gf flour mix called Better Batter and there are several recipes on their site I want to try. This week, though, I'm going to start out with one I found on Pintrest for gf Breadsticks (this blogger uses Better Batter's flour mix). I will be using a different gf flour mix, but I'm hoping they turn out half as good as they look on the blog:) We are also going to try out a recipe for a Cranberry Cornbread and an Applepie and Carmel Cheesecake.

Around The House - I skipped 'Creativity' because I'm still working on the race car stitching (only a bit more than a week to go on that!!!). I've been doing a bit of cleaning and re-arranging in preparation for putting the tree up next week. In our house, ever square inch counts:) So some things have to go out to the storage building while others come in for the holidays. The really good thing about such a small house is that there isn't so much to clean!!!

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