Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hubby (and daughter) in the Kitchen

A couple weekends ago my hubby and daughter got a sweet tooth and decided it was time to try another pumpkin recipe. It just so happens that I get Better Homes and Gardens e-mails and had just gotten one that had lots of pumpkin recipes. It was REALLY hard to choose just one of them!! :) 
We ended up deciding on Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake.

Of course, we had to make a small change to the recipe to make it mommy friendly (aka, gluten free). This was a very small change this time though. Instead of using chocolate wafer cookies (which I could not find gluten free, though I do believe I may have been able to order), we used gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies. This turned out really good, and I'm pretty sure I would have been fine just eating the whole box of them:)

My hubby is getting so good at baking, but he insists on doing all the baking on his smoker grill:) Again, I will say that at a temp of 300 or higher (and using a non-flavored wood like oak) there is very little to no smoke, and so it really does act very much like an oven. You can see on the left that we had a bit of extra batter which we cooked crust-less in another glass bowl. On the right is the pie all nice and cooked. We had to let it cool all the way before adding the chocolate glaze and then we had to let that cool to set up!!! This was incredibly hard to do!!!

As you can see, we lived and ate it all up within a few days:) We did cheat a bit and shared that crust-less pie while it was still (very) warm, so we had a little to hold us off.
I will say that while I liked the pumpkin flavor of this one better than the Hazelnut Pumpkin pie we did a while back, I thought the chocolate overwhelmed the pumpkin flavor. So I really liked the crust-less version of this, but wasn't as impressed with the full version. It was still good, but didn't have a strong enough pumpkin flavor to compete with the chocolate.
BTW, my dd was trying to practice her drizzling skills, so that is why the white chocolate is on top:) 

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