Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec WIPocalypse

I'm a few days late on this last WIPocalypse of the year, but want to go ahead and post it. Better late than never, huh? I've had a bit more stitching time on my hands here lately, so I did get a bit done on this. This is 'Fishing' from Bobbie G. Designs, and if you can't already tell, this will be for LoveQuilts. This will be my first that is designated for a specific child. He is a 5 year old boy and all he really wanted was a quilt with the color blue in it. They also said he liked trains and action heroes and all things 'outdoor'. Well, trains must have been easy to find since many ladies signed up for that, but this one just screamed '5 year old boy' to me:)

I also got some good news. The ankle break is stable, so no surgery will be needed so long as I don't mess it up any further. Thankfully my hubby had taken an extended break and so still has a week before he needs to be back at work. Unfortunately, I broke my right ankle, so this means that I won't be driving for the next 4 weeks or so. My hubby and daughter are taking really good care of me, and I'm hoping to have a quick recovery:) Until then, I'll just keep getting on with my stitching and getting some rest. I was hoping to have a 'end of the year' stitchy finish, but I took a nap today instead!! Well, I guess that means I'll have a 'beginning of the year' finish tomorrow:)
Until then, I hope the New Year finds you all in good health and with extra time for your stitchy/crafting projects!! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unexpected rest

Well, my stitching friends, I've gone and done it. Sunday as we were leaving my parents house and getting ready to head to my in-laws, I decided it would be a good time to race my 13 year old dd to the car. I twisted my ankle in the process:(

I thought I had just badly sprained it, and refused to go to the Dr as I would have had to go to the emergency room in a town much bigger than our own. I've sprained my other ankle several times in the past so I figured I could wait it out and if things didn't seem better in a day or two, I'd get it checked out.

The swelling on the ankle started going down, but I had some odd swelling on the top of my foot today, so we decided that I had waited long enough, and dh and dd took me to the Dr this morning. The Dr. agreed that it was probably sprained, but wanted to take x-rays just in case, sending me home with the intention of calling if the x-rays showed something other than a sprain. Well, she did call me back. It seems that I have actually fractured a bone in my ankle. This is the first bone I've ever broken!!

I'm in a 'boot' now with an appointment to the orthopedic dr tomorrow to see how bad it really is and what I'll have to do about it. Hopefully it is minor and will heal rather quickly.

All this to say that my body isn't as young as my mind thinks it should be:) I guess this means I'm down for a little while, but I should be able to get a bit more stitching done now!! I was hoping to get some stitching shopping done this week, but I guess that will have to wait for a bit.

Otherwise, we had a wonderful Christmas. It was really nice to see the family (both sides) on Sunday and then have a couple of quiet days for just the 3 of us. We have watched movies and played games, and of course, opened presents. I was very blessed this year with some money, gift cards for the (not so) local needlework store, a vacuum (greatly needed), a floor lamp that has a small light that points down to my stitching:) (from hubby), and the prettiest coffee cup, that I really wanted:), from our dd. A few other things as well, just so blessed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!! Next year I'll have to remember that I'm not 13 and try to stay up on my feet!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Crochet Project

I just can't stop myself from starting new projects!!! I'm at a point now that I'm not sure if I love cross stitching or crocheting better, I guess I love each in it own way. Cross stitching is great when I have a bit of time on my hands, but I like crocheting for the fact that I can work on it for a few minutes at a time.
So you all know that I have been stitching for LoveQuilts, and I truly love to do that. I was also thinking that I would like to do a bit of crocheting for some kind of good cause as well. I have a friend that does respite care for children not yet placed in foster care. This means that the families themselves are coming to the organization that my friend works through and they help the family in whatever ways are needed. Sometimes that includes child care for a few hours up to a few days. I asked this friend if it would be possible for me to start making blankets (crochet or quilted) for these little ones (she says most of them are 3 and under) to help make the shifting from one home to another during the family's transitions a bit more bare able and she thought this was a good idea.
So this is the first blanket that I started for this cause. I had the yarn already, which I had started making a blanket for ourselves, but it was one of the first crochet projects I had worked on and the blocks are a bit wonky, so I thought I use the rest of the yarn for this. I think this will make a lovely cuddle blankey for a little one:)

Monday, December 17, 2012


This was a busy weekend, so not a whole lot of time for stitching. I knew this would be the case this weekend, and I almost didn't sign up for 'International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW)', but I'm glad I did, because thankfully I was just about done with one of my projects, so I do have a finish!!!

 My progress on the Autumn Saltbox Scriptures from LittleHouse Needleworks as of last Friday...

And the finished project!!! :) This was the last in this series that I needed to stitch, so now I need to finally decide on how I want to display these.

I also have another finish to show off, but this isn't technically part of IHSW since I finished it last Thursday, but here it is...

This is 'Crowning the Tree' stocking from Blackbird Designs. This chart was a gift from my SIL, Marianne Meyer (of Midnight Stitching), last year for Christmas. I'm hoping I can finish this off into an ornie before Christmas this year.

These were the two I was really hoping to get done before Christmas, and since I did and I have a whole week to spare, I've pulled two more projects that I'm going to put some work into and see if I can get them done as well. After Christmas I will be going back to working really hard on some block for LoveQuilts, but it has been nice to work on a few things for myself:)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I can't believe Dec is here already! I am so not prepared for Christmas, but am ready for the family time and the time off that my dh has and the break that we will be taking from school. After a couple of activities this weekend, that requires my organization, we should a have a couple of weeks of nice, quiet, family time.

And on to the last TUSAL of the year!!! I had lots of bits of strings this time since I finished up the Race Car project, so all the extra strings got pulled and put into my jar. I've been stitching away the past few days as well and I will have a finish (maybe two!!!) to post in a day or two:) Love when I have a few finishes right together, it makes it feel that I am actually getting something accomplished with the stitching.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I'm working on right now

I have an inability to work on just one crafty/sewing/stitching project at a time. I get bored of one thing and wonder off to work on something else.

Actually this behavior follows me through all parts of my life. I think I'm going to work really hard on our finances which leads me to think that I really should start doing better on housework which make me think that I should probably start an exercise program and try to loose a little weight. It almost always leads me back to a crafty/sewing/stitching project.

I am also very good at ignoring what really needs to get done:)

While this behavior is obviously not conductive to getting the 'important' things done (like house work and the exercising), it does work well for me on the crafting. It means I usually have several different type of projects going and if I get bored with one thing, instead of walking away from crafting all together for a bit, I just pick up the next project and work on it.

So here are a few of the things I'm working on right now...

I've gotten a bit done on these two stitchy project. These are ones I'd like get done before Christmas. The first is 'Crowning the Tree' from Blackbird Designs and the other is the Autumn Saltbox Scripture from Little House Needleworks. I have also just started a block of a little boy fishing for LoveQuilts.

And this is almost all of the panels for my daughters blanket. I have 6 more blocks to crochet to finish the 4th panel. Then I have to tuck in all those thousands of ends and then figure out how to connect each panel together:) I'm fairly confident that I can get this done by Christmas (I hope!!!).

So what are you all working on?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

52 Things in 52 Weeks

After searching the web to find some challenges to do next year, I came across Kincavelkorner (aka Lady Kell's) blog and her post '52 Things in 52 Weeks'  For this challenge Lady Kell has come up with 52 weeks' worth of goals for the 2013 year. Everything from reading goals and crafty goals, to weight loss goals and time with the kiddo too. I think this is a really awesome idea as it incorporates a challenge with list making, and really the only way I get anything done is to make a list and challenge myself to get it done:)

I posted on her site that I would also join in. Most of my ideas are my own, but I did steal a few, and one of my ideas is exactly opposite of hers (she wanted to stay away from chocolate for a time, I would like to eat more - though varieties that I haven't had before:). LOL

I will create a tab on top of this page, so that a running tally can always be found, and I'll update this throughout the year. To be clear, this isn't a list to do in any particular order, some of these items will take all year and some can be done very quickly. I also will be doing this in lieu of any yearly aspirations/resolutions as it really does incorporate anything I'd aspire to do anyway:0)

So here is my list...

In the Kitchen (or to do with food)
1. Figure out an all purpose and a baking blend of gf flours that I can make myself (0/2)
2. Find a good gf bread recipe that I can handle eating:)
3. Can or freeze 3 new food items that I've never done before (0/3)
4. Can the equivalent of 30 quarts of food (0/30)
5. Make 2 new recipes a month (0/24)
6. Try 6 new kinds of chocolate (0/6)
7. Grow and eat from our garden

Charity/Community Service
8. Volunteer to help out at County Fair
9. Community service project with 4-H group
10. 6 stitched blocks for Love Quilts USA (0/6)
11. 6 crochet items to give away (0/6)
12. 4 quilted items to give away (0/4)
13. 2 dolls/stuffed animals to give away (0/2)

14. Finish stitching 6 current x-stitch projects (0/6)
15. Participate in 2 x-stitch exchanges (0/2)
16. Participate in 6 FNSI (0/6)
17. Participate in 8 IHSW (0/8)
18. Learn to sew a doll or stuffed animal
19. Learn 6 new crochet stitches (0/6)
20. Learn to knit - beginner
21. Sew curtains for living room
22. Choose and create 6 Pintrest projects (0/6)
23. Finish a quilt for us

Health and Wellness
24. Lose 20 lbs
25. Exercise 4 days per week (0/208)
26. Walk a total of at least 300 miles (0/300)
27. Bike a total of at least 200 miles (0/200)
28. Buy good tennis shoes
29. Buy a good bike seat

Art and Photography
30. Spend time drawing each week (0/52)
31. Fill up 1 sketch book with drawings and practice
32. Take photos every other week (0/26)
33. Take a photo to the county fair

34. Read 12 books for fun (0/12)
35. Read 12 books to learn from (0/12)
36. Read through the Bible

37. Double my monthly readership
38. Double my followers
39. Blog on every WIPocalypse (0/12)
40. Blog on every TUSAL (0/12)

Family Fun
41. Go camping 2 times (0/2)
42. Go on 2 day trips (0/2)
43. Take dd to a pool (public) 4 times (0/4)
44. Take dd to the movies 3 times (0/3)
45. Take dd to a play or ballet
46. Take dd skating
47. Take at least 4 photos of dd each month (0/48)

Christmas Time
48. Hand craft at least 6 Christmas gifts (0/6)
49. Send out Christmas cards
50. Come up with one new Christmas tradition
51. Make 3 scrapbooks of dd's pictures from the year to give to Grandparents
      and 1 for ourselves (0/3)
52. Stitch and finish 6 Christmas ornaments (0/6)

Big surprise that the Sewing/crafting/stitching is the longest one!!! Well, we shall see how much of this gets done, but it will be easier to see any progress that I do make this way:)

If you want to join in, visit Lady Kell's blog and sign up, and let me know too so I can follow along on your journey as well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I fell off the wagon!!

Well, that didn't take long at all. Just as soon as the blogging challenge was over I stopped posting. Didn't mean for that to happen:(

What have I been doing since I stopped posting?

Well, I've spent many hours on line looking for challenges and sals to participate in for next year. I think it was easier to find these last year. Actually I'm having a hard time finding things I want to do. I know I'll stay with TUSAL and WIPocalypse, but not sure on anything else. If you know of any good ones (even reading challenges), please let me know.

I have been working on a few stitchy projects. I am trying to finish the autumn portion of Saltbox Scriptures from LHN and am also working on 'Crowning the Tree' from BBD. I would like to get both of those done by Christmas. But I also lied:( I did go ahead and start the next block for LoveQuilts. It took all of one day before I was ready to get back at stitching for the kids:) This time I am doing 'Fishing' from Bobbie G. Designs for a little boy who just wanted a 'blue' quilt. Actually I got so excited to start some more kids' blocks that I signed up for two other blocks. Thankfully none of them are due until April/May/June.

I have also been trying to finish up my daughter's crocheted blanket. I have about 8 more blocks to crochet (I'm doing 1-2 a day as I have to do it when she's asleep), then I have to join the 4 panels together. I've never done that part before and am a bit nervous about how it will turn out.

And finally, I have been trying to organize group activities for the 4-H group and my daughter's secret sister group. Nothing like waiting until last min to get all the details together:) But I think everything is about ready now!!