Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter weather and a hard week

As we live in the central States, we were part of the winter weather that came through last week. I'm not one who likes the cold but it really is beautiful when it snows:) We got a little over a foot of snow, which is more than we've had in a couple years now. We really needed this snow, so even though we were trapped here for a bit, until hubby got the tractor out, this really is a blessing for us.

Two days after the snow we woke up to frost all over everything. It was really pretty with the sun shining on it. I was happy to have woken early enough to get some pictures of it. Our dog Gracie is in the picture above.
More pics of the frost on the trees. There was almost an inch of it all over the branches. 

And our sad news that I've been eluding to... Our dog Titus - the chocolate lab - had been feeling ill. We took him into the E.R. vet early Tuesday morning where they started tests. It took a full day but they found a tumor on his heart. The sack around his heart was filled with fluid and the rest of him was swollen with fluid as well. There wasn't anything that could be done that wouldn't have ended in him dying within days or at the most a couple weeks. So we choose to have him put down so he wouldn't suffer. During the snowstorm, my hubby and dd dug a hole and now he is here forever. This has been really hard on us, but especially our dd.

Well, now we are getting ready for another snow storm. Again, much needed moisture, so it is a blessing - or so I keep having to tell myself. :) This time we are a bit more prepared, though really hoping we get as lucky as last week and are able to keep our power up and running!!!

Tomorrow I will be back and posting on February's WIPocalypse.


wilma boer said...

Sorry about your dog...our pets really are part of our family.

Love the frost on the trees...great pic!

Sowing Stitches said...

Beautiful snowy pictures! MAy the snow continue to fall restoring the land and may there be a shield protecting the power grid so that it does not fail during the coming snow.

Shirley said...

Hi Shannon, Beautiful pictures especially with the frost on the trees. I love the winter scenes, but just not driving in it. I really don't want the second round, but maybe it will hold off long enough to keep a couple of appointments tomorrow. I am sorry about your Chocolate lab. We had a black lab when I was growing up. He was very protective of us kids. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

cucki said...

sorry about your dog...our furbabies really are part of our family.
Love the snow on the trees...lovely pic..
big hugs x

Debbie said...

Shannon,so very sorry to hear about your loss. These critters are so much a part of our family yet to know they are suffering, there is no other choice.

Thanks for sharing the snow pictures, just beautiful!