Wednesday, February 6, 2013

52 in 52 update

It's been a bit over a month now since the New Year, so I thought I would catch everyone up on how I'm coming along with my 52 in 52 goals...

In the Kitchen (or to do with food)1. Figure out an all purpose and a baking blend of gf flours that I can make myself (0/2)
2. Find a good gf bread recipe that I can handle eating:) Haven't done this yet, but did find a 'whole grain' gf bread made by kinikinnik that I do like pretty well.
3. Can or freeze 4 new food items that I've never done before (0/4)
4. Can the equivalent of 30 quarts of food (0/30)
5. Make 3 new recipes a month (5/36) Some were really good, others a flop. I will do a recipe post later this month to show off the ones that were winners.
6. Try 6 new kinds of chocolate (2/6) Godiva was GREAT!! Can't believe I hadn't had that before. Black and Green's was not great. First because I'm not a super dark chocolate fan, and one that I tried of theirs was 85% - nasty!!! But even the mint that was 65% dark was bitter and not smooth at all. I did like that theirs is organic, but not enough to eat it again:)
7. Grow and eat from our garden

Charity/Community Service
8. Volunteer to help out at County Fair
9. Community service project with 4-H group
10. 6 stitched blocks for Love Quilts USA (0/6) Almost done with one
11. 8 crochet items to give away (0/8) Getting close on two with another started
12. 4 quilted items to give away (0/4)
13. 2 dolls/stuffed animals to give away (0/2)

14. Finish stitching 10 current x-stitch projects (1/10)
15. Participate in 2 x-stitch exchanges (1/2) Got my info on exchange partner and I have in mind what I will stitch for her:)
16. Participate in 2 round robins (1/2) Have my part done and waiting for word to mail off
17. Participate in 10 IHSW (1/10)
18. Learn to sew a doll or stuffed animal
19. Learn 6 new crochet stitches (0/6) Just starting to learn the basket weave stitch
20. Learn to knit - beginner
21. Sew curtains for living room
22. Choose and create 6 Pintrest projects (0/6)
23. Finish a quilt for us

Health and Wellness
24. Lose 30 lbs (0/30) I don't want to start the 30 lbs until I re-lose the 10 I lost last year :( - good news is that I have already lost 5 of that:)
25. Exercise 4 days per week (2/208) The ankle is holding me back a bit, but I have started doing a little.
26. Walk a total of at least 300 miles (.5/300) Yep, still the ankle
27. Bike a total of at least 200 miles (0/200)
28. Buy good tennis shoes My hubby is insisting on lace-up boots to support my ankles. Maybe this weekend we will go shopping:)
29. Buy a good bike seat

Art and Photography
30. Spend time drawing each week (0/52) Not getting anywhere with any of these!!!
31. Fill up 1 sketch book with drawings and practice pages
32. Take photos every other week (0/26)
33. Take a photo to the county fair

34. Read 18 books for fun (1/18) Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio  - Really good beginning, then slows way down. A good book though all-in-all.
35. Read 12 books to learn from (0/12)
36. Read through the Bible - A few days behind with this, but still going at it.
          -Started using YouVersion app for a chronological 1 year plan

37. Double my monthly readership (1000/1000)
38. Triple my blog followers (77/42) The 'Grow Your Blog' party did wonders for me on this:)
39. Blog on every WIPocalypse (1/12)
40. Blog on every TUSAL (1/12)

Family Fun
41. Go camping 2 times (0/2) Most of these will be summer activities
42. Go on 3 day trips (0/3)
43. Take dd to a pool (public) 4 times (0/4)
44. Take dd to the movies 3 times (0/3)
45. Take dd to a play or ballet
46. Take dd skating
47. Take at least 4 photos of dd each month (3/48) Doing better with this.

Christmas Time
48. Hand craft at least 6 Christmas gifts (0/6)
49. Send out Christmas cards
50. Come up with one new Christmas tradition
51. Make 2 scrapbooks of dd's pictures from the year to give to Grandparents
and 1 for ourselves (0/3)
52. Stitch and finish 6 Christmas ornaments (0/6) Got one stitched now, but not finished.

I really like having this all written out and going over it every few weeks as it keeps goals fresh in my mind and lets me see, for good or for bad, how I am doing. There are a couple goals on here that I probably won't complete, like drawing, but maybe I will get to it a time or two, and that's better than not at all:)

Anyone else set goals for themselves this year? How are your goals coming along?


Laura said...

Impressive goals! I hope you achieve them all :)

Scrapatches said...

You have some wonderful goals here and seem to be making good progress ... :) Pat

Anonymous said...

You're doing so well with your goals! I'm really enjoying my challenges too and am already putting together a list for next year - LOL!