Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year with new goals

Really, time must be going by faster as I get older. Even my 13 year old daughter said it feels the same to her. She says she wants to grow up, but she doesn't want her childhood to go away so fast. Smart girl!!

It sure feels weird to not be participating in the Crazy January 15 project challenge. I've done that for the past 2 years and it is a lot of fun, but I have so many projects left over from the past couple years, that I felt that I really had no business doing it again. At least not until I found some order with the WIPs and UFOs that I currently have to work on.

But I did manage to find several different challenges and SALs to keep me busy this year and to give me plenty to blog about.

This year I will participate in...

TUSAL - I'm doing this again since it really did turn out to be fun:) Lots of pretty colors all collected in a jar just makes me happy.

WIPocalypse - Well, we survived through the Mayan prediction (really did anyone think this was real?), but we still have piles of projects to work on, so on to another year of really trying to get those WIPs done!!!

IHSW - This is a weekend dedicated to staying home and stitching!! Sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it? Don't have that luxury? (does anyone have that luxury?) That's okay, just stitch as much as you can and blog about it the following Monday (even if it's only a few stitches).

52 in 52 - I really love this idea. I posted about this a couple weeks ago, but I have made a few changes since. I have a page dedicated to this project with a tab at the top of this page. I'll blog about it here and there, but for a total accumulation of my progress I will keep that page updated all year long.

Stash diet - The goal here is to just stitch from the stash you already have. You can set further goals and 'prizes' for yourself such as I will allow myself $3.00 worth of new stash for every chart I finish. Other are doing it differently. Not sure how I'll do on this one. I thought I would go binge shopping before the beginning of the year and get some of it out of my system before starting the 'diet', but after breaking my ankle, I wasn't able to visit the LNS. I did buy one project on-line that is for a round robin I'm doing with a few other stitchy ladies.

Because my 52 in 52 project incorporates so many differing kinds of goals, I'm not doing any other aspirations/resolutions. I'm really excited to see the progress I can make on all these challenges. Please feel free to question my progress and cheer me on from time to time (like mid May when I tend to try hiding in a hole for the rest of the summer:).

What challenges and/or goals are you planning to work towards this year?

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