Monday, January 7, 2013

Even more crocheting:)

I'm just going to blame this one on my friend, LOL!! My hubby took me to visit her last week since I'm still not able to drive and she asked if I had any crocheting going that I could bring. Well, I had left the boy blanket at my in-laws over Christmas and still hadn't gone to get it back. This is the friend that is doing respite care, so I asked if they had any little girls that would like a blanket and she had just the little girl in mind:) So my ever patient hubby took me to Hobby Lobby before taking me to her house (did I mention she lives an hour away? :). I got some pink, light blue and white cotton yarn ('I Love This Cotton' is my favorite brand right now and it was on sale!!).

My friend had the cutest extra little girl at her house the day I visited (not the same girl who will likely get this blanket), so the crocheting went slowly:) But I did get some done on it and have been working on it off and on ever since.

I've also been working on 'Fishing' for LoveQuilts and I have started 'Live Laugh Love' from La D Da as a round robin that I'm really excited about. So I'm just going from one project to another trying to get a bit done on each every day.  Okay, so I guess breaking my ankle has had some good points too!! :)


Rita said...

It sounds like you're making the best of things while you're on the mend.

The blanket is looking great. Crochet is one of the things I never learned that I wish I had. Maybe someday.

SJTorres said...

very cute colors. they just opened a hobby lobby here in nor-cal and i have been wanting to visit. and i was looking for a nice cotton yarn... so thanks for posting the pic! :) i think i will head over there today!

pippirose said...

Love the colours! The stitch is the exact same one I`m working on, for my new little grand-baby-to-be, only I`m doing it with variegated baby yarn.