Monday, January 14, 2013

Making new friends - Blog Party

Vicki over at 2 Bags Full is having a Grow Your Blog party (isn't the button above the cutest ever!?!?). It will be a time to learn about new blogs that you might like to start following and to have others learn about and start reading your blog. Kind of like an open house right here on the web. Several bloggers plan to have giveaways as well, so even if you like how your blog is and you don't want to follow anyone else, you can still have fun and enter to win prizes!!! Lots of fun to be had by all:)
If you are interested, go to 2 Bags Full, this will send you to the sign up page (you need to sign up by tomorrow - sorry I got in on this late), and tell you all the details of what to do. I can't wait, this is exactly what I wanted to do with my blog this year, so it's just perfect for me!!!
I will be posting a bit about myself and my blog as an introduction on Jan 18/19 (as will all the other bloggers joining in on this) and will announce at that time the giveaway I will be having. Anyone will be able to win, whether or not you have a blog, you don't have to follow my blog to be entered, so come back on Saturday and at least enter to win. I'm still thinking on what it'll be. Something for Valentine's Day, maybe? :)

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vicki said...

Shannon- Your blog has just been loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party - looking forward to your special party post. I hope you make lots and lots of new friends for your blog!