Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 NewFo Project

Another month came and went and another quilt got started!! I *think* I'm starting to enjoy quilting, maybe, just a little:) This challenge is hosted by Barbara over at Cat Patches and is a lot of fun. You are to just start a new quilt or quilt-like project each month and post about it on the last day of the month. No pressure to actually finish any of you projects!! Now that's my kind of challenge!!! :)

Well, I am just squeezing this one in. I had started on this project a week or so ago and posted about it HERE, but I was determined to get a bunch more done before today's post. That never happened:) However, today I had some time on my hands and once I got started (in between schooling, housework and making food!!) I just didn't want to stop. This isn't usual for me when it comes to sewing with the machine. I'm all for handwork, but put a sewing machine in front of me and I lose my cool pretty quickly.

Today went very smoothly. I already had the fabric cut that I was going to use, and I had a few of the 3.5 in blocks done. I finished up enough of the 3.5 in blocks to be able to put together the first 5 9.5 inch blocks (this is the block's finished size). And that went so well that I decided to start cutting up the next color:) Then it was after 9:00 pm and I decided that I needed to stop, clean up and finally get on this blog!!

So here is what I have done so far...

These are the first 5 9.5 inch blocks, obviously they are stacked on top of each other:) I'm so happy that these actually look like they should. This is the first time I've done anything like this, or really any block that wasn't just patchwork, so this is super exciting for me!!!

Here are my blocks with the other fabrics that I will use in this quilt. I'm thinking of putting a narrow white sashing in between each block to break it up a bit.

And here are the blue pieces I cut out tonight. There is enough there for 6 9.5 inch blocks so long as I don't mess any of them up:)
I'm doing this project along with AuntMarti at 52 quilts. This is supposed to be a 'Block-a-Day' project, so I'm super behind as we should be on block 12 now, but that's okay, I didn't expect to keep up with that. She has a great tutorial on how to put these blocks together, which has made all the difference for me. I'm one that needs to see how something is done to be able to do it so I LOVE tutorials:)
I have two different projects that I want to start for next month's NewFo challenge. One of them was going to be this month's project, I even bought the fabric and got it washed and ironed. Then I found this Block-A-Day challenge, and I thought I would combine it with the NewFo challenge, as it is a perfect challenge for a newbie quilter like me. Not a problem, I thought, I can just do the other project in April:) WELL, then I bought a quilting magazine.... I need to not do that:) So I found another project that I am just in love with. And it has applique which is something that I want to give a try this year. I'm going to have to fight with myself to see which one gets to be April's project:)
Stay tuned to see which project wins out!! 


Donna said...

Love your stars! This will be a pretty quilt.

Barbara said...

That's a good-looking star...nice sharp points. It's going to be a pretty quilt.