Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Goals - March 3rd, 2014

Last week ended up being a bit mixed up for my goals. Dd came down sick - I'm not sure what is going on with her. She's had this a couple time this winter. Headache and fever followed a few days later with cough and congestion. All but one of the times, it was really mild. She has asthma so usually when she gets the cough/congestions it goes into a full blown bronchitis, but thankfully that has only happened once this winter. This time it is really mild again, so she is up and around and feeling pretty good despite a bit of a cough. 

Because of the sickies and a weekend winter storm that moved in, we were able to stay home a lot more than I had planned!!! :0) I don't know about you, but that is always a welcome surprise here!! So I was able to get more done on the house/re-arranging, but less of the going to the gym and working out.

Here is my progress for the week...

1. Stitching - I got my Something Old project done, but didn't get started on my spring exchange or get anywhere on my Smalls Sal project.

2. Exercise - I only got to the gym once, but I also made my goal of one day of yoga.

3. Housework - Laundry and dishes are both caught up!!! I have one final pile of misc books/mag/papers still from the re-arranging that I haven't found a place for yet, but it's getting really close to being done!!!

4. Blogging/e-mails/other crafts - E-mails got done and my NewFo (quilting) project started and blogged, but that was all.

Okay, a semi-busy week this week, so here are my goals...

1. Stitching - I think I'm giving up on trying to get my Smalls Sal project done and posted for the month. I only have 2 days left and I haven't even started yet, so I guess that'll have to be this month's project. I would like to get the spring exchange piece started and work a bit on my Something Old/Something New projects.

2. Exercise - I should be able to get to the gym 3 times this week!! And I still want to do one day of yoga at home.

3. Housework - Keep up on dishes/laundry, and finish up with the last few things in the living room.

4. Other Crafts/Projects - Plan ahead for the next NewFo project, do a bit of crocheting, work on casting on/knitting - see if I can get a bit further along before giving up again!!

5. 4-H/Youth Group Craziness - This weekend is going to be a blur of running around. THREE different 4-H events going on and Youth Group as well!! First dd helps with the Clover Bud group for a couple hours on Saturday morning - this is a county wide group of kids just a bit too young to be in regular 4-H, this serves as dd's Jr. Leaders project. Then 4-H days in the evening - this event gives 4-Her's the chance to practice their speeches, project talks and/or talent pieces in front of a judge before fair time. Dd has given a speech in the past, but will be there to help set up and guard doors (so no one walks in during a speech) this time. Then Youth Group that night. Sunday the 4-H Jr. Leaders group are going to the next town over to go ice skating for the afternoon. That should be a lot of fun, but I'm hoping not to have to go. If dd's friend comes along I'll go, but otherwise I'll let dd go with them by herself. SO my goal for the weekend is just to survive it!! LOL

What are you up to this week?

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