Monday, March 24, 2014

IHSW - March 2014

If you just read my last post - FNSI - you will know that our whole family came down with a cold last week, and that it just will not go away for my dd and I. Thankfully my hubby was able to get it beat within 24 hours or so, which is good since he still needed to go to work. But for dd and I, the cough is still lingering, so this has given me lots of time to sit on my corner of the couch and stitch away.

This month for my IHSW project, I am working on a Spring block for an exchange that needs to be sent out the 1st of April. This is a freebie from Sylvia Kuhnert from (I'm thinking this is all in German:).  I was just about able to finish it up. All that's left to do is the boarder and fill in the word 'SPRING'.

Actually, I have tried filling in the word a few times already, but can't find a color I like for it. This is one of those projects where I decided the colors just weren't right for how I wanted it to look. No problem, I'll just switch a few of those out and we'll be done. But it hasn't been that easy. The original had a red heart and a mustard yellow sun, but I wanted this a bit more bright, so I changed things. The words should be a dark brown with the boarder being the darker green. I was going to change the words and boarder to a lilac purple, but the words didn't show up very well. So now I'm thinking about doing the boarder purple and the words being white. I'll give that a try next:) 

Now off to get caught up on the housework and make sure dd is getting her schoolwork done:)


cucki said...

Pretty stitches x

Pull the other thread said...

A pretty piece of stitching. Hope you both feel better soon.