Monday, March 3, 2014

YOTA for March 2014

I wasn't able to stitch on my YOTA project as much as I would have liked this weekend. I was really focused on getting my 'Something Old' project done (and I DID!!!) and between that and working on the house, I was only able to do just a bit of other stitching. But progress is progress and I just love how this is turning out. :)

So here is where I was before this weekend...

Bent Creek - Spring Snapperland
And here it is right now....
Yeah, not much more done on it. That little girl is super cute though!!! She will be holding a purple flower when I'm done with her. :) It's coming together and I'm really happy with this project, it's been a fun one.
Head over to 'Pull the Other Thread' to see others who have joined in on this SAL!! 

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Pull the other thread said...

I love seeing this piece come to life. Every stitch brings us closer to the finish. Well done on getting some stitching in on this one.