Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something Old/Something New March 2014

I'm a day late on this!! We were busy moving furniture and organizing piles of books/magazines/papers and misc other things that I found laying about every where!! Now the furniture is all arranged and it is much nicer in the living room, but I still have a bit of the organizing to do. I'm not sure where all this stuff came from!!!

I was able to make some progress this past month on my Something Old and Something New projects.
I finished (just today!!!) Prairie Schooler's Spring Ornie!! I think this is the second or third time I've stitched this one. Every time I get it finished an exchange comes up that it would be perfect for and so I give it away. There is another exchange coming up that this would work for, but I think I'm going to keep this one for myself:)  

And here is my pathetic start on what was my Something New for last month. This will be Bent Creek's Winter Snapperland, and I made an exciting 1 1/2 box start!!! LOL It is a start though and that's all that matters. :)

This is Chessie and Me's Flower and Bird Sewing Roll and it's what I picked out for my Something Old for the month of March. I will probably need two months for this one as it has two charts in it. One for the front of the sewing roll and one for the inside. But as you can see, I have a pretty good start on it, so it may not take super long.

And this is my Something New. I'm really excited about this one. I joined in on the Ladies Prim Society, hosted by Dyeing to Stitch, this year after hearing (and seeing) all the fun projects they had for last year. There are a few stitching 'clubs' going on, and since I really like Threadworks Primitives and Blackbird Designs (the two designers for this particular club) I thought I would join. I am so glad I did, because this is a really cool project:) It came with the fabric, thread, fabric and instructions on putting this 'Stitcher's Wallet' together.

So do you have any fun new or old projects you are working on right now? I'm going to go ahead and keep doing this SAL even if no one joins along, because I am really enjoying it. You can join in at any time that you want. Just post an old and new project that you are currently working on and then link up here:)

My YOTA post will be up tomorrow. Not much progress on it I'm afraid, but something is something:)


Mouse said...

oooo well done on the stitching progress ... love the Chessie and me one :)
and the prim club is cute .... I am working on an old one at the moment a crazie from 2012 ... and almost finished a new one ... hmmmm may just have to join you love mouse xxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I forgot I wanted to do this SAL with you!! I'll have to make a note in my diary for next month.

I love the little Spring ornie, you should definitely make one for yourself though.