Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Goals April 1st 2014

My weekly goals keep getting pushed to Tuesdays:) That's okay, gives me an extra day to get the previous week's goals done;)

I did okay on some of my goals for last week, but for others (mostly the exercise!!!) I failed completely!!! So here is what I got done...

1. Housework - catch back up on dishes and laundry. Need to vacuum and clean the bathroom as well.

**I got most of this done. I still need to get all the dishes done up, but that is really a daily challenge, it's never-ending!! The laundry is all washed, but I need to finish folding/putting it away.**

 2. Blogging - Just getting on here and blogging a time or two will be my goal:)

**I didn't get anymore blogging done last week, I have a few things to blog about this week, so I think I'll be on here more:)**

 3. Exercise - I haven't been to the gym in over 2 weeks!!! Hoping to get back there today!!

**Umm, no. I was having lots of problems with breathing/coughing and didn't think everyone wanted me hacking all over the machines, so I stayed away last week. I *could* have done a video at home, but didn't do that either. It's time to get back up on that horse and get some exercise this week!!!**

 4. Sewing/Crafting - I have learned how to cast-on for knitting and can knit a row or two without throwing the needles now:) I would like to continue practicing. I need to get the Spring exchange project done and mailed off. Also want to work on my Something Old/Something New projects and NewFO project before the next group of projects are due:) Hope to have a couple of projects finished off and ready to show for Whoop-Whoop Friday!!

**Didn't get to Whoop-Whoop Friday, but I did get most of the rest of the projects at least worked on. I worked on my New project, but not the 'Old' one and I got these done/worked on as well...

Knitting is coming along. I'm not working on a project, just practice, practice, then rip it out and start over. This is my best result so far. You can't see it, but there is a little fuzzy mess on each side of this that is really the only mess-up I have in this so far. I'm enjoying learning something new, but it's going to be a while before this feels natural to me like crocheting does.

 And this is the Spring exchange project that I was working on last week. It is all stitched, but I need to sew it into a small ornie and get it mailed out today. This is from Sylvia Kuhnert at www.syku66.blogspot.com, but I changed a good deal of the colors on this so it won't look exactly the same as on the blog.

Okay, so for this week I'd like to....

1. Keep up with housework. DD is going to have a birthday party/sleep over with a couple of friends in two weeks. I don't want to have to do 'flight-of-the-bumblebee' mad-dash cleaning frenzy right before the day of her party in order to have the house ready:)

2. Keep blogging. Having a laptop has changed my blogging habits quite a bit. I just don't want to have to get the computer out each time I need it, so I don't. I really need to get over this;)

3. Lots and Lots of fun projects!!! Okay, this one is kind of a given. I would like to work on my NewFo quilting project from March, start Something Old/Something New projects for the month, and maybe get a couple things completely done!!! Wouldn't that be a surprise!!! :)

4. EXERCISE!!! This is really a nessesity. I would like to lose some weight, but it's more about being healthy, which in my case will require me to lose some weight. I just want to feel better and maybe get off the blood pressure meds as well:) SO this week I want to get to the gym 3 times and do yoga at home 2 times.

The next two months are super busy around here, as Spring time tends to be for everyone. Lots of activities for dd, including her first 'Formal',  birthdays and an anniversary. But I really need to try and fit the rest these things in there too so I can stay sane!!

So what are you up to?

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