Friday, January 24, 2014

Whoop-Whoop Friday!!!

Time for another WHOOP-WHOOP Friday!!! And I actually have something to show off - AGAIN- two weeks in a row!! Wow, I'm pretty sure that is a new record. :0)

SO for this week I got the first of the two LoveQuilt blocks done (with the second hot on it's heels!!).

I'm not sure why the fabric looks pink?!?!? I even had decent light in the house today. It should be white fabric, but you get the idea. This was pre-washed/ironed and it looks like I forgot to put my name and state on it, I'll have to do that real quick:) The families like to see who stitched each block for them and where all the blocks come from so we are asked to provide that information for them.

I'm off to finish up the second block. I'll need to mail these out no later than Monday to get them to the quilter on time.

Oh, and stop back by tomorrow for the 2nd Annual GROW YOUR BLOG PARTY!!! It'll be lots of fun and I'll have a give away as well!! :0)


Sarah Craig said...

Nice stitching, Shannon! And as my grandmother would tell me again and again, put your name on it!!

Whoop whoop!

SoCal Debbie said...

Fantastic finish, Shannon! That will look so great on a charity quilt. Don't forget to add your name!