Friday, January 31, 2014

January - NewFo

I'm really excited to be part of Barbara's of Cat Patches' NewFo Challenge. This is a quilting challenge, or rather, it is a challenge to start a quilt or quilting project. For more info, follow the link and JOIN IN!!!

As most of you know, I love to cross stitch, I really like to crochet as well. What you might not know is that while I LOVE the idea of making quilts, I really don't like to sew. Hand sewing is fine, machine sewing..... not so much. I can do quilt tops if I have to on a machine, but I don't enjoy it. Straight line sewing doesn't give me too many problems, I just never have the urge to get that machine out and get started. BUT I do still want to quilt, so I joined the NewFo Challenge anyway!! Hopefully this will give me the motivation to push through and get more experience which might make things more enjoyable. And I can always hand-quilt if needed:)

If you follow my blog you will know that I've been super busy this month stitching a couple blocks for LoveQuilts and so most of my time this month went to that. I was going to go to the fabric store on Wednesday to pick up a few pieces of fabric for this project so that I could get a start on it yesterday, but then I fell and sprained my ankle (which must not have been nearly as bad as the dr said because it is already feeling better- not great, but better). I was able to pick up the fabric yesterday, but was all worn out last night, so I've only had a little time today to work on this, but I'm glad I got it to this point:)

So here is my progress so far...

Step 1- Go through my pathetic and small stash of fabric. CHECK - I will really need to work on this stash:)

Step  2- Go to the fabric store and ogle and drool over the pretty fabrics. Then get a bit overwhelmed over what I should buy, but end up choosing a couple. One that I really liked, one that my dd really liked. I also bought batting and some ribbon:) CHECK

Step 3 - Set all fabrics together and decide what I want to use. CHECK

Step 4 -  Cut strips of the fabric and the batting. CHECK

That's about as far as I got. I may have some time later this evening to get those strips sewn together. I am making a Valentine's Mug Rug - or a mug mat or large coaster, whatever you want to call them. My inspiration came from HERE which I originally found on Pinterest (of course, where else would I find 'my' creativity?!?!?).

My plan is to sew the strips together, then cut them and sew them back together, maybe at an angle to make it look a bit like a crazy quilt, but I'm not sure about that yet. I did decide that I LOVE this fabric...

So it will be the backing and will make the 'rugs' reversible. I will be making two and giving one of these to my mom for her birthday which is Feb 18th, so the Valentine's theme works too:) The other I will keep for myself!!

Next month shouldn't be quite so busy with my crafty time, so I'm hoping to get started on my next 'quilting' project earlier in the month. Either way, I have already added fabric to my collection, so it's already a win-win!!


Joluise said...

I often feel overwhelmed when I go into the quilting fabric store - so many wonderful choices and the need to stick to a budget. Choosing can take forever:)) Can wait to see what you make.

Donna said...

Quilt fabric stores send me into Orbit! I "need' every piece of fabric I see while zillions of "new" quilt ideas dance in my head. And, then I am overwhelmed. But, oh it is so much fun!

Barbara said...

Fabric stores can be overwhelming, and if I go in with something in particular in mind, I can't see anything else. It's kind of weird. Anyway...good work on your NewFO.

Tisha Dolton said...

Oooo. I LOVE that fabric too!

Nice to meet you through GYB. I hope you have had as much fun as me visiting all the great blogs. (Mine is about embroidery.)