Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Goals/Progress Update

Last week I started posting goals and my updates on 52 in 52 and while I didn't get all my goals accomplished, it did help me to focus on the few things I really wanted to complete. I think I'll make this a semi-regular posting here so long as it seems to help me get things done:)

I got sick last week, actually I am still having some lingering issues with the stomach pains/cramps/whatever it was, so am still a bit slowed down, but getting better, so things didn't go as smoothly on my goals as I would have liked. Still, things did progress, so here is what did get done...

52 in 52 related items will have an * at the end.

1. Finished the crocheted baby blanket!!! Super excited about this as I got it done and hubby got it to his friend BEFORE the baby was born:)

2. Not quite done with the first LoveQuilt block, but real close. I still need to re-arrange the chart on the second one as well, but I do have an idea in my head of how I want it to look and it should be real easy and quick to do. *

3. Housecleaning went by the wayside while I was down, I'm afraid, but the schedule that I came up with is easy enough to jump back into, so that's what I'll do. *

4. Only worked out 2 times this week as I just couldn't be up for long without hurting again, but on the up side, I changed my eating habits thinking that maybe fattening/greasy foods was the culprit of my stomach pains and I managed to lose a couple pounds:) I stuck mostly to fruits, veggies and lean meat and it did seem to help a little. *

5. I did manage to only eat out once. The night that I ate out (pizza, and no not gluten free, but that doesn't bother my stomach, just makes my joints ache), was the night I started feeling bad- hence my thoughts on greasy foods- so I was able to make myself stay away from everything else.

6. This wasn't on my goal list for the week, but with some extra time down, I managed to read my first book just for fun!! I love to read, but when I get started I can't stop. So I bought the book, Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, and finished it up around 4:30 that morning!!! Good thing I was able to sleep in the next day:) Needless to say, it was a good book. A bit bloody and gory, not one for the kids, but it kept you on the edge of your seat for sure. *

And here are my goals for this week - and yes, I know it's Tuesday, but hubby was off work yesterday so week took the day off school and just counted it as a long weekend. SO today is officially the first day of this week!! :0)

1. Finish the LoveQuilt blocks and get them mailed off. *

2. Back to the housework schedule.

3. Work out 2 times this week - trying to slowly get back to this since I'm still feeling a bit down. *

4. Get my Grow Your Blog post together and done by Saturday and get giveaway items done for it.

I'm going to let that be all for this week as it is a short-ish week and the LoveQuilts blocks will likely take up most of my free time.

So what are your goals this week?

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