Monday, January 20, 2014

1st IHSW of the Year!!!

I made sure to plant my hinny down and take advantage of the 1st International Hermit and Stitch Weekend of the year!!! Hosted by Joysze of Random Ramblings, this is a real fun stitch-a-long to give us an excuse (as if we need one:), to take a weekend and stitch to our heart's content. Since my hubby had today off work, I decided that I would count today as part of the weekend as well. :0)

Of course, I would have been stitching away this weekend anyway because I am still needing to get the blocks for LoveQuilts done that I've been working on for what seems like forever!!! I did make some real progress on one of them this weekend and am almost done with it now. Hoping to have it and the second one done by Friday.

This is re-arranged from Candamar Designs' 'Police Officer'. The second block I am doing will also be re-arranged from that same design, but will just use the words from the design and will look completely different:) 
Okay, almost midnight, so I really need to get off here and go to bed!! I was up super late last night because I couldn't put a book down. Thankfully I was able to sleep in this morning, but we will need to be out and about tomorrow morning, so no sleeping in tomorrow!!! Have a good night!!

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wilma b said...

What a great piece for a quilt square!