Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland

We had a cold, snowy day yesterday. It's really pretty out there, though we are stuck at home at the moment:) Gee, darn, can't go anywhere. Must stay home. Hmm. :) I think I can live with that!!

Thankfully the snow started around 2:00 am Tuesday morning, so when hubby got up to check on things, it was already bad enough that he decided to stay home. He has an hour drive to work, so he likely would have had to turn around and come home shortly after he got there. Later we found out that the state nearly shut down the highway he takes to get there and back, so he may have found himself stuck at his parents' for the night (they live closer to his work).

Some pics from before the wind started and moved everything around again...

Out back toward the 'office/storage' building. This was after hubby scraped off a space so the cats had  a place to eat and I could get into the building. This is where the 2nd rabbit lives, so I had to go feed her too:)

Cars and shop/barn building
We think we got around 10 inches, which is a decent snow storm for our area. Everything looks different now. We have bare ground showing with huge drifts at this point. Our driveway is pretty much closed off and I don't know what the road looks like. We are rural enough that no one will be coming down the road to plow it for a few days if ever so hubby will likely take the tractor down to break through any bigger drifts that our vehicles can't get through. I'm glad he called in today as well so he can get some snow moved around here:) Maybe by tomorrow we will feel like we can get out of here if we need/want to. Until then, I'm thinking today will be a nice quiet day of school and stitching. Our poor, poor dd doesn't even get a snow day!! LOL Actually she didn't even ask about it, so I guess we didn't need one :)

Maybe I can get out there today and get some pictures of the snow drifts. The wind seems to chisel the tops of them and they are so pretty. Not sure I want to be out there long though, even though it's sunny and looks nice, today's high will only get to 8 degrees!! Maybe I'll just stay in:)

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Quinn said...

Hi Shannon - thank you for leaving a comment on Comptonia! I don't know if you and I got the exact same storm or not, but it sure sounds like we have a similar snowscape outside. I didn't take any pictures, because by the time I was through with chores and taking the snow off the goats' bungalows, I was ready to enjoy the snow from the kitchen windows ;)