Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Goals 2/10/14

I'm going to come right out here and just say it... I didn't hardly touch my goals last week!! I thought since we would mostly be home that it would be easier to get them done, but with hubby home for a couple of those days and then with dark, dreary days, I just wasn't motivated at all!! And that's okay, this is a new week and I'll just start over. :0) I'll just get over it and start new!!

So for this week here are the few things I did do...

1. Stitching - I did get this ornament done and worked on my 'Something Old' project as well. I also picked out an Olympic project even though it wasn't on my list of goals for the week;) Oh, and I did chose a new 'Small' project to work on and my spring exchange project as well.

2. Exercise -  Didn't even touch the exercise. I did however twist that ankle a bit more chasing the dog through our front pasture. Some kind of animal is digging little holes and with the snow, I didn't see it and stepped into one. I didn't fall, but the ankle wasn't ready for that. I do think I'll be good to go to the gym this week.

3. Housework - I didn't get caught up on laundry, but am in the process of it.

4. Learning - I didn't get to the knitting books, but did do some of the German, so this wasn't a complete fail:)

5. Crochet - I didn't touch this either!!!

So for this coming week I think I'll just repeat last week's goals. The only difference is that except for today (we go more snow last night) I won't be stuck at home. In fact we have a fairly busy week with dd's zoo, a 4-H Leather Craft meeting and a regular 4-H meeting. We'll see how this goes:)

1. Stitching - Get started on the 'Small' project and the spring exchange project as well as working on the others I have going. Also post on WIPocalypse.

2. Exercise - Go to the gym twice. Do yoga at home once.

3. Housework - Keep working towards getting laundry caught up.

4. Learning - Keep up with German, get those knitting books out!!!

5. Crochet/Knitting - Finish up wash cloth for GYB give away and cast on the knitting needles for the first time:)

Do you have any goals for this week?


SoCal Debbie said...

You're brave for posting your goals for everyone to see! I hate making New Year's Resolutions or putting down goals in writing. But I'll admit my goals for this week will be to do laundry and dishes. I don't want to commit to much more than that... oh and vacuum too! And stitch all I want!

Jo said...

I'm trying to finish a summer top I started a few weeks ago - I don't want summer to slip by and still have an unfinished top. Will try to do a little more today !!

Don't know about you, but I just never seem to have enough hours in the day!!

Have a lovely week ahead even if you don't meet all your goals:))

Dawn Castrova said...

Blogging was my new years resolutions. now I am working on learning the blogging world. Of course as my name overboardcreations you might can tell I do go overboard at everything I do. One I do like making list. So my challenge to self is to make an article off my list. I wish you luck off your list. I had a walking goal last summer. I manage to walk 10 in 90 days. I don't think I accomplished that well. Wish You luck on yours.