Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to Regular Schedule?

The past couple weeks have been a blur!! Lots of running for dd's activities, helping a friend out, and trying to get the few reminding items on our list so we can re-arrange the living room. Still not done with that last one and this week will still be a busy one for running around. By next week things should be a bit slower and maybe I can get some things done here around the house, but for now, it's just a little work here and a little work there. I haven't even sat done to stitch in a few days!! OH THE HORROR! :)

So this week's goals will mostly center around getting everyday things done and hopefully getting us back to a quieter regular schedule around here.

Here is my progress for last week...

1. Stitching - I hardly touched stitching last week. And since I also didn't blog on WIPocalypse or IHSW, I would like to at least get my 'Small Sal' project done and blog, but we'll see.

2. Exercise - I not only made it to the gym twice, but 3 times!!! I only was able to help my friend on one day, and I didn't do much as she had lots of friends and family there to help her, so that didn't count as a workout, but I'm happy I made it to the gym as much as I did:)

3. Housework - Most of the re-arranging hasn't happened yet so I didn't really get anywhere on this. We did get our laptop (used, but just barely and at a really good price) and are pretty sure we know what other furniture we are wanting to bring into the house to help with storage and then we can get the TV as well. At that point we can start moving things around, but until we have the storage situation taken care of, we don't have anywhere to put the things that are in the huge computer desk and the bookshelves that we are wanting to move out of the house. :) HOPEFULL this will be all done by this coming weekend!!!

4. Blogging/e-mails - I obviously didn't get to the blogging, but the e-mails are all caught up and the Secret Sister party went very well. We have 22 girls in all (the 'Big Sisters' and the 'Little Sisters') and I think everyone had a good time:)

For this week I would like to...

1. Stitching - Like I said above, I would like to get my Smalls Sal project done, but seeing as I haven't even started it, I'm not sure that is going to happen!!! I would also like to finish my 'Something Old' project by the end of the month and start fresh for next month. I already have my 'Something New' Project picked out and ready to go!!!

2. Exercise - So long as I stay healthy and injury free, I should get to the gym 2 times this week, maybe 3 times if hubby wants to go with me on Friday. I really want to start doing more yoga at home, but just can't get myself to do it. I look at the different workouts that you can find on Pinterest and am in awe of some of the positions that these people can get themselves into. But actually doing it is a different story!! :) I'll say that I have the goal to do yoga once this week.

3. Housework - I did get caught up on washing laundry, of course it never stays that way, but at least there isn't 5-6 loads that needs done. Dishes are pretty much caught up too. I guess my next goal would be folding/putting away that laundry!! :)

4. Blogging/e-mails/other crafts - I'm not going to have a lot of extra time on my hands this week, but I would like to blog a couple more times and I have a bit of finish up work for secret sisters and 4-H to do this week. I would like to work a bit on a crocheted child's sized blanket that I started a while back and I want to start some herbs that I bought the seeds for. I will start these indoors and am wanting to get some large planters for the front of the house to put these in once they are ready to go outdoors. I'm hoping the cats won't crush them:) And ACK!! I forgot that Friday is NewFo Day!! I have the fabric for the next quilting project I want to start, but I haven't started it yet!!! Will have to get working on that too!! Maybe planting the seeds can wait until next week:)

I think I'm expecting too much this week, but maybe it's a good idea to set more goals than I think I can achieve and push myself to get more done!! :0) We will see if that works!!

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