Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stitching trouble

Have you ever had a stitchy project that you just couldn't get right? I started this project earlier this year as one of my 2012 Crazy Challenge projects. I've already stitched the other 3 in the series so I really wanted to get this one done as well so I would have actually finished a whole series of something:) I knew from the start that I didn't like the purple that was called for and I wanted an orange for the pumpkins that was a bit more bold. So I started changing some of the colors. And that is where things went wrong!!!
 The picture above was actually the second attempt at getting the color right, and I just didn't like that shade of brown with that shade of red. It just doesn't look like autumn colors to me.

This is my 3rd attempt and the one I will stitck with. Sadly the red that I choose this time looks real close to the purple in the picture, LOL!!! Figures, doesn't it? :) It does look a bit different in real life though, and I'm happy enough with it that I'm not going to start again.

So do you do this sometimes too? Most of the time I can change around the colors with no problem, but then other times are like this:) I actually have 2 more projects that are like this. One of them I did get figured out, but it took a long time and I haven't gotten around to stitching on it since. The other I gave up on, but one day I may get back to trying to figure it out too:)

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