Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 2 crafty project finished!!

I already posted the finish of the P.S. Autumn Ornie the other day, but it wasn't the only ornie that I finished off. I was also able to finish the P.S. Summer ornie as well. So here is a pic of both with a hint in the background of what Week #3's craft project will be.

I finally found a copy of Just Cross Stitch's Ornie issue this week too!! We don't have a LNS here, so I visit the book store over and over again until they have it:) After I looked through it for a while I got out my past issues (I have every one of them since 2004) and looked through them a bit. I'm thinking I will start doing an orniment a month to post on here. I have a few pieces that I have stitched in the last year or two that I need to finish into some ornies too. Maybe I can stitch a few more and then have an ornie sewing/glueing/crafting 'party' in Dec:)

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