Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One day late!!!

Running one day behind on my posts already!! Surprise, Surprise!! LOL DD and I went to our state fair yesterday and ended up staying quite a lot longer than expected. Then after all the sun and noise, I wound up fairly sick by the end of it. Really bad headache that I'm sure was the cause of the nausea and dizziness as well. After a couple Advil and a short nap I was feeling much better, but it was 8:00 pm by then and no one had eaten dinner yet, so, well, that shot the rest of the evening:)

On to crafty things... Here is a pic of some wash rags that I'm trying to crochet. Crochet is something that I've been teaching myself off and on for the past few years. Just this last year I started to realize that I could understand some of the written patterns if I tried hard enough. So I've been trying out a few very simple patterns here and there, some I've had success with, and some not so much:) This pattern is from Heather at The Good Life blog. Her instructions are very easy to follow and this is one that I've had good luck with following.

My intent is to do 4 of these in various colors (the yarn is leftovers from another crochet project I have going), and to put them in an Operations Christmas Child box that our 4-H group will be doing. I figured since I had the extra yarn I should do something with it.

Not sure that these will get done within the week as the first one took a couple weeks for me to finish, but I've got the pattern down without having to look at it anymore, so the next one is going pretty fast (actually, it is just about ready for the boarder even now, and I just took that pic this morning). But even if I don't get it all done, I 'll go ahead and post the next project (a quicker one) early next week and just try to get them both done:)

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