Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 3 - Crafty Project

I can't believe I am actually getting some of my old, half-done projects finished up!!! It really feels great knowing that some of my ideas are going to be used instead of just sitting around:)  So this week I finished this scarf that I started long ago - maybe a couple years ago? Not sure, but now that it's done I need to decide what to do with it.
 I don't really like the color for me so I had been thinking about putting it in an Operation Christmas Child box or finding some other place that would take warm winter items for those in need. I may still do that, however I got some news today that means that I might possibly want it for myself after all.

My dh called me this morning to tell me that a friend of his will be going to a cattle auction tomorrow and since bottle calves have been selling cheep, he asked if we'd want a few. Dh was kind enough to call and ask me as dd and I will need to be feeding them a couple times a day while he is at work. We said sure (not so sure this was a good idea, :), and so we'll find out tomorrow evening whether or not we will have some new babies around the farmyard. Since we will need to bottle/bucket feed the little ones for up to 7-8 weeks, I know it will be getting pretty cold while we are out working with them. This scarf might not be my favorite color, but I'm sure the cows won't mind:) and it'll help keep me warm anyway!!

If we get those calves, I'll be sure to post pics of them. They sure are cute when they are little:)

Next week's crafty project will be a new project. I need to do a few crafts to add to a gift basket that our 4-H group will put together to auction off at our carnival at the end of the month. The money goes toward our county 4-H projects. The carnival is lots of fun, but a lot of work, so I'm trying to get things done as quick as I can. We got the 'Autumn Theme' basket to put together, so that should be really easy to come up with a couple projects for things to add to the basket:)

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