Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 1st Day of Autumn, 2012!!!

Got this all finished up just in time for Autumn:) As a way to celebrate the first day of my favorite season, my dh and dd decided to make a pumpkin pie. Since going gluten free my dh and dd do most of the baking around here and I just help them find things as they are making a mess the yummy food:)

A lot of times my dh grills our dinners too, which means I don't do much cooking around here. He is really good at grilling too:) He has played around with baking on the smoker grill some with mixed results. The cookies he and dd did last fall turned out really good, the pumpkin pie they did last year, not so much, but I'm pretty sure it was the recipe, not the cooks. So dh and dd decided to use a different recipe this year and give it another go on the grill. They choose Hazelnut Pumpkin Pie. It is part pumpkin pie, part cheesecake and SOOO GOOD.

We made one adjustment so that I could have some as well. All we needed to do was use gluten free graham crackers and put them in a food processor to make the graham cracker crumbs. Oh, and cooking it on the grill was different too. If you try this recipe, read the comments on the link. Some people found they needed to cook theirs longer, and we did too, but it could have been the different cooking method for us.
Kitty wasn't bothered by all the cooking and clean up happening around him:)
And here is the finished product. Dh and I have both had two pieces already and we are both planning on another piece with our coffee for breakfast tomorrow:)
I hope you had a great first day of Autumn as well!!!

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Rebecca said...

Mmmm.... Pie.... and leftovers for breakfast! Sounds heavenly!