Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some Baking Going On!!

Over the last few years since I went (mostly) gluten free to help combat my R.A. symptoms, I've spent very little time baking. Obviously if I can't eat the goodies then the draw to baking them is somewhat diminished. The past couple weeks has been a happy change for my poor family who has had to do with store-bought bread and other goodies:) It started a couple weeks ago when I decided to can some hot-pepper jelly. We had lots and lots of extra serrano peppers from the garden and I didn't want them all to go to waste so hot-pepper jelly it had to become!! Recipe found at

*Note about recipe: The amount of pectin called for seems like too much. My jelly turned out very thick with no wiggle to it. I think I'll use a bit less next time and see how it works, but the flavor was excellent!!

We like to eat it with cream cheese and crackers, or just on some bread. I also have a recipe from one of my hubbies (many, many) grilling cookbooks that is wonderful!! It calls for melting the hot-pepper jelly with some white wine and basil and letting it boil until it thickens a bit. Then grilling pork chops and pouring the sauce over the pork chops when serving. YUM!! Sweet, spicy, and perfect:)

Well, since I was already in the kitchen I decided to make some bread as well. It's been several years since I've made homemade bread and I decided to look for a new recipe. I found it at All Recipes    and it turned out really good.

This past week a family from our 4-H group gifted us with some apples from their orchard (they have around 100 apple trees!!) and a bunch of garlic too!!! What to do with all those apples? Cinnamon Apple Bread!!! I did taste a little bit of this one and it is really good. It didn't hold together for me very well and I'm wondering if I should have swirled the cinnamon topping in a bit better, but it was delicious:)  Recipe found at The Happier Homemaker.

And then I made some regular bread again as well. Same recipe as above, but I used 1 cup less white flour and 1 cup more whole wheat flour. We haven't cut into these yet, but they look great!!

So, any baking going on at your house?

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