Monday, September 22, 2014

IHSW - Sept 2014

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I had a wonderful weekend for stitching. I only left to do a little shopping on Sunday and had most of the housework done as well, so other than to catch up on some sleep, I was able to relax and get a bit of stitching done:)
About a month and a half ago I posted this project as a new start...
This is for a LoveQuilt project and I had meant to start it right away, but I didn't!! 

So this is what I worked on this weekend. Friday evening and Saturday I was working right along, but I just couldn't get into in on Sunday. There are a lot of color changes in there!! I am 'rewarding' myself with one strand of the blue curtain stitching for every three or so color changes I do on the dog. It's the only way I could keep myself going:) I am going to have to put a lot of effort to get this one done in time, but I still have a couple months so I think I'll be okay:) 


cucki said...

Sweet stitches x

Christine Barnsley said...

Looking good so far Shannon! :) x

Kaisievic said...

Great start!