Sunday, August 31, 2014

NewFo - August 2014

Time for another challenge update!!  I love doing challenges:)  This one is run by Barbara over at Cat Patches and it is a quilting one. Thankfully the rules are that you just have to START a new quilt, not actually finish it!! :) That makes this challenge so much easier.
This month I actually knew exactly what I wanted to work on and I have spent the last couple of weeks gathering new fabrics and putting together the color combo that I wanted for this. I REALLY don't have a large enough fabric stash yet!! But I added quite a bit to it this month:)
Here is my planning picture...

This pattern is from the Fall 2014 Quilts and More magazine that Better Homes and Gardens puts out. They are doing a door hanger for each season and I just love this Autumn one!! I am planning on doing the Spring one as well and can't wait to see what the Winter one will look like. I wasn't as impressed with the Summer one, so Spring will just have to stay up a bit longer.

Here are the pieces cut out of stabilizer and ready to iron on to some fabric and be cut out:)

And here is where I left off. The applique pieces and the top and bottom boarder are just sitting there for now. I am going to do hand applique as I'm not comfortable using the sewing machine for much else other than sewing straight lines:) I'm really pleased with how easy this has been so far. Really the only thing I am a little worried about is the actual quilting since I don't have much experience with that yet, but this is a small project so it should be a bit easier. MAYBE I'll have this one done in the next few weeks to show off:) 


Pull the other thread said...

What a great start you have made. Quilting is one of those things I want to get around to learning at some point. Really looking forward to your posts on this one.

Barbara said...

What an adorable project for fall!

Brown Family said...

That is a sweet project!