Friday, August 1, 2014

Back On Track

Whew, what a busy summer this has been. DD signed up for an apprenticeship program with a zoo an hour away in June. Thankfully grandma and grandpa live close to that zoo and kept her some during that 3 week time frame so I didn't have to drive back and forth so much. She had a good time though she said that she gets to do much more on her own at the little local zoo that she volunteers at than they allowed there. But she made some friends and will get to see them again next weekend when the whole group gets back together for an end-of-summer party.

After that it was time to get ready for the 4-H fair. This would have gone pretty smoothly if it weren't for me getting sick. We still aren't sure what it was (dr. thought at first it might be a kidney stone, but it wasn't), but it had me down for a little over a week, right up to the week of the fair!! No worries, we got most of what she wanted to get done ready just in the nick of time!! :) And she did really good at fair. Several purple ribbons with one Champion ribbon and some blue and a red too. The only really disappointing thing was that her female rabbit was disqualified for having 'butted' teeth. Something we hadn't noticed. The rabbit will be fine as the teeth are still wearing down like they should be, but she won't be able to be shown, and since this usually has to do with the way their head is shaped, we are worried that it may pass on to future generations, which is why we got her in the first place. DD needs to do some research on that before we decide to breed her.

We are still trying to fit in a few more fun days before summer break is over and we have to do the dreaded thing....

Yep, it's about that time. I have tried with all my might not to get ready for this:) However I purchased a curriculum this year that has most of the planning done for me, so I really won't have an excuse when the time comes to get started!! Really all I have left to do it print out my planner/grade book and take it to Office Max to have it bound. Other than that, and convincing dd that 'Yes, you really do HAVE to do school!!', we are just about ready.

With the school schedule comes a chance for me to start working more on my stitching and sewing and blogging as well. And tomorrow I am going to start up my 'Something Old, Something New' posts again. Even when I'm not stitching a bunch, I still find a way to sneak in a new project here and there;) Maybe you have something new you want to show off too?

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