Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Crochet Project

I just can't stop myself from starting new projects!!! I'm at a point now that I'm not sure if I love cross stitching or crocheting better, I guess I love each in it own way. Cross stitching is great when I have a bit of time on my hands, but I like crocheting for the fact that I can work on it for a few minutes at a time.
So you all know that I have been stitching for LoveQuilts, and I truly love to do that. I was also thinking that I would like to do a bit of crocheting for some kind of good cause as well. I have a friend that does respite care for children not yet placed in foster care. This means that the families themselves are coming to the organization that my friend works through and they help the family in whatever ways are needed. Sometimes that includes child care for a few hours up to a few days. I asked this friend if it would be possible for me to start making blankets (crochet or quilted) for these little ones (she says most of them are 3 and under) to help make the shifting from one home to another during the family's transitions a bit more bare able and she thought this was a good idea.
So this is the first blanket that I started for this cause. I had the yarn already, which I had started making a blanket for ourselves, but it was one of the first crochet projects I had worked on and the blocks are a bit wonky, so I thought I use the rest of the yarn for this. I think this will make a lovely cuddle blankey for a little one:)

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