Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 6th and 7th Projects

I've been so busy stitching that I didn't even get to posting anything yesterday:) I really like my day 6 project!! In fact I almost decided to finish it today (day 7) instead of starting a new one, but I was a good girl and left this one alone to start the new one:) This is Bountiful Stars from Blackbird Design's Patriotic July stocking booklet. I changed the colors because I didn't like the 'red' they used which looked more pink to me and didn't make me think 'Patriotic'. It's coming along really quickly and I can't wait to make it into a little stocking!!

This one is 'Blessed are the Peacemakers' from Little House Needlework's Saltbox Scriptures series. I have finshed the other 3 of these and am really excited to finish this one off and then decide how I want to display them. I've thought of framing them and hanging them one at a time during the corresponding season, or making a cube out of all 4 of them and turning it to the corresponding season OR making a small wall hanging quilt out of all of them to hang year round:) Just not sure yet. I changed a couple colors in this one too. I really didn't like the purple with the other fall colors and so changed that to red instead, I am also using a deeper orange than it calls for and I also changed the brown a little, though only because I didn't have the color it called for, but it is really close.

I have 2 finishes (so far) that I will show off on Monday durning my WIPocalypse post. So exciting that I actually getting some stitching finished:)

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