Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Crazy Stitching Challenge

Nope, I haven't forgotten about this. I've just been busy stitching:) I have two projects for today because two different stitching groups had a January 1st challenge. This first one is 'Peony' and is my first Nora Corbett design to stitch. I've always wanted to stitch one of her fairies and just needed someone who would want the finished product. Well, my dd really loves bright colors and she really liked this one, so here I am stitching it:) I'm doing this one on 32ct antique white fabric and that little bit of stitching at the bottom of the pic is all that I got done so far today.
This one I've been waiting to do for some time now. I am stitching it on 32 ct cream Belfast, lightly overdyed with coffee. I am working this over one. My plan is to make this into a pouch to carry scissors, tape measure, needles, etc.
Because I have a really hard time following directions;0) and because I went a little nuts with this challenge, I will be posting a project for every day this month. Some of the ones at the end of the month will be projects that I had previously started, but most of them (I believe 23 of them) are new starts:) I have no idea how many I can actually finish in a year, but I figured, since I already owned most of the charts I will be starting, that it couldn't hurt to go ahead and start them!!!
That's all for today, I'll have a new project to post about tomorrow:)


Niina said...

Great projects you have in there! Happy stitching, I'm in CJC too :)

Marianne said...

Nice start on the fairy as well! Sarah Tobias will be a fun stitch!

Sharyn said...

Your fairy will be gorgeous! And I'll look forward to seeing your Sarah Tobias. Will be fun to see your month projects too! I really like your blog. May try the white lettering on my blog too.

Sharyn :-)

dragonxser said...

you will have so much fun starting all those projects! Love the two you have shown so far!

Tricia said...

Great starts! I have you in my Google Reader to follow during the challenge. :-)