Monday, January 10, 2011

Stitchy Challenge update - Day 9 and 10

This weekend ended up being much busier than I had expected, so I did get some stitching done (though not much).

Sunday my dd's 4-H group had what they call '4-H Sunday' where one family from the group hosts the group at their church for the morning services and then we have a meal and our meeting at the church afterward. It was really nice, but went long into the afternoon, so I hardly got any stitching done yesterday at all. I did start Prairie Schooler's 'Harvest Time' book 93 that I'm doing over 1 on 28 Jobelan antique white. This is the same scene as the Christmas one I'm doing from Prairie Schooler, only this one is for Autumn. Someone told me there is a spring/summer one too, but I haven't seen it yet (will have to try and find that one too!!!).
This is the one that I started today. I expected to get more stitching done on this, however I took some Nyquil last night and never did wake completely up from that today. Ended up taking a nap at 'lunch time' too, but still didn't feel right. Of course, I'm nice and awake now as I need to head to bed, LOL. I am feeling better now too, so I guess it was worth having a foggy headed day:)
This is 'Love One Another' from LHN and I'm stitching this on 32 ct. natural linen.
I'm getting to where I'm questioning whether I should do 23 new starts this month or not:) I'm really wanting to get back to stitching some that I've already started. Maybe 15 new ones this month and then 15 (new and older) ones next month? Not sure yet, guess we will see:)


Niina said...

Oh they will look so good with together! I don't have any PS charts yet, but I think must have some...

Tricia said...

What wonderful starts! I'm like Niina, I only have one PS chart, but I think I'm going to look into getting a few more. They look so nice when they are done!