Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Time is Near

We are just under one week out till Christmas Day!!! We actually had our family get-together with my inlaws today and it was a really nice time. I even got stitching stash and a gc for our needlework store!!! Can't beat that:)

I did get a few ornies done/done, as in not only stitched, but sewn/glued into actual ornies:) Pretty good for me. So this is the first batch for this year. One for my sil, one for my mil and two for me!!! Hopefully in the next few days I will get the next batch of ornies all sewn up.
And this is my Christmas tree. Dd was all excited to get this up and then it took a week with it up before I could get her to decorate it, and we've only turned the lights on a couple time, LOL. Oh, well:) We really wanted to get a new tree this year, but just can't bring ourselves to spend the money on something that is up (and in our way:) for one month a year.
And finally, here is a pic of my 15 new year projects (actually this is only 14 new ones and several WIPs and UFOs). Need to pick one more out and get it ready - though now that I got 2 new projects for Christmas, I may need to do a couple more than the 15:) Hmmm, wonder about doing a new project for every day of the month, LOL!!! Okay, maybe not:0) I will start listing the projects (both new and old) as I show them on my blog. Will be trying to get on here everyday until I go through all the projects and then posting at least twice a month on my progress. I am trying to finish at least one of my WIPs up until then now that I have all my ornies stitched up for the year.
I will be going to my LNS for their end of the year sale in a week or so and I will post pics of whatever I end up getting from that:)

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