Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crazy Jan Challenge - Day 6

I'm so glad I decided to finish the fob yesterday because this challenge was starting to get to me. So many starts and not getting back to stitching on any of the ones I've started yet. But after finishing that little bitty one, I'm feeling much better about it all and am having fun again:)

Today I reached in my basket and pulled this one out (actually, I was looking for this one:). This is Small Token from BBD and I'm stitching it on 32ct Jobelan 'Sandcastle', which is my favorite fabric:) So very soft and I love the color dye on it. I got a bit more time to stitch today than usual because my dd had gymnastics today, so I always take a small project with me to work on while I'm watching her work:) I'm thinking that this is now my favorite project!!!
I'm off to bed, still fighting this cold/bug/whatever it is. Really it's not very bad, just a little annoying and making me feel a bit run down. I don't have anything I'm really wanting to stitch on tomorrow, so I'll just grab out of the basket and surprise myself (I'm pretty forgetful, so this isn't hard to do:) LOL


Tricia said...

This is so pretty! I do hope that you'll feel better soon without it getting worse!!

Marianne said...

Hope you are feeling better! Blackbird is always a favorite project. This one has great color and looks like a fun stitch!