Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals

I only finished ONE of my June goals!!! ACK!! I will have to do much better this month:) Only one more full month of summer break left, and I want to make it count. I've decided to add some personal goals to this list as well, so it won't all be about stitching.

 The goal I did get done in June was this toddler sized blanket. I'm also working on a girl version.

For my July goals...

1. I want to finish stitching the other girl that will go along with this one and get them made into a needle case.

 2. Get the top to this quilt all sewn together.

3. Get the birds all stitched up and made into a bag.
4. Have 2 ornaments to show off including this Spring Ornie from Prairie Schooler.
5. Have my 'Ho Ho Ho' blog hop projects done. My day for this hop won't be until Aug 7th, but I am determined to have this done before hand this time!! :)
For my personal goals...
1. Walk or do a exercise video at least 6 days a week all month.
2. Have the first week of school scheduled and ready.
3. Take dd to at least one extra activity for the next 5 weeks before school starts. This week we are going to a splash park with a play group. Okay, yes play groups are usually for little kids, and this one is too, but dd's best friend has a little sister and her best friend was the only kid over 10 when these play groups started. So we started going too so that she would have someone there for her. Most of the littles at this group are the siblings of the older kids in their Youth Group. So dd gets to see her best friend for both Youth Group and Play Dates:)  I think my dd is going to turn into a drowned rat with all the swim team practices, swimming at my parents house, going to the public pool and then these splash park play dates!!! She really loves the water:)
4. 'Spring Cleaning' all done before school starts back up. I'm horrible when it comes to house work so I try to take the summer months and do a bit of deeper cleaning that I won't get to during the school year. I hate house cleaning!!! But I do like having a clean house and with as small as our house is, it really needs it!!
Okay that should do for this month. I have a few other things I hope to also get done, but as you can see from last month, I probably wouldn't get to them!! LOL

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Judi Morris said...

Wow, those are some goals! Love your cross-stitching, it so sweet. The quilt ~ adorable, birds, equally wonderful. Have fun with your projects!